Sasha Monik Is Single and Ready to Mingle, Based on Her New Instagram Post

Sasha Monik posted an Instagram of herself in bed with what appears to be her on-again boyfriend, and his father’s pillow is visible in the background. Sasha captioned the photo Woke up like this. This comes just two weeks after she ended her three-year relationship with her boyfriend, Josh Roberts, by saying they needed space to grow apart. Will Sasha Monik and Josh Roberts get back together? We guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Who is she?

Everybody knows Sasha Monik. She is the lead singer of The Murmurs and an up-and-coming actress. Though she has found success in the music industry, her acting career also seems to be taking off as well. This past summer she was cast as Kat Stratford in a production of The Great Gatsby with New York City Center’s 2014 Follies Bergere show. According to Vogue Magazine (dated October 16th 2013), this is one of her first major acting roles in Broadway and it looks like her first turn as a Broadway star will be a good one.

Who are her exes?

Recently, Sasha Monik has caught the attention of many with her social media posts. It seems like her recent photos with celebrities are causing fans to speculate whether or not she’s single again. Let’s find out! – Last year, Sasha was linked to hip hop artist Tyga but it looks like that relationship is over now.
– In 2015, there were rumors about Sasha dating 21 Savage but nothing seemed serious.
– She dated Wiz Khalifa for a few months in 2014 but their relationship ended abruptly when he was arrested for weed possession at a concert in Texas.

Why are these posts controversial?

Sasha Monich is one of the most prominent stars in Hollywood. She’s acted in more than a dozen movies and has won a Golden Globe for her work as Betty Gilpin on GLOW. But recently she’s been caught up in some dating rumors involving comedian Dave Chappelle. Fans have speculated that they might be dating because they’re often spotted hanging out together.

What will happen next in this love triangle?

Relationships always have that one person who might not be happy with the way things are going. Sasha is not just one of those people – she’s the one calling all the shots. Her new boyfriend is a lucky guy because this chick has zero qualms about sharing all of their sexy selfies with her millions of followers. Even if her ex doesn’t get the message that she wants him back already, it seems he’ll soon figure it out for himself when he sees them together in public sometime soon!

Exclusive Interview with Jax Taylor

Dating for over a year has been difficult for Sasha Monik. Still feeling conflicted about her love life after the recent break-up with Tom Sandoval from Vanderpump Rules, we sat down with the newest Bravo cast member to ask what she looks for in a relationship. Jax Taylor: Can you give me a few pieces of advice on dating? Sasha Monik: I think that it’s just like anything in life; take your time and do it right.

Exclusive Interview with Vinny Guadagnino

Many of you may know Sasha Moniks from her time as a Jovani model. I recently reached out to her for an exclusive interview about what’s new with her.
Hello Ms. Sparks! What are you currently up to? Currently, I am in between modeling jobs because the fashion industry is going through some changes.
What inspired you to become a model? I saw models in magazines when I was younger and wanted my name next to theirs. What makes your style unique?

Exclusive Interview with Brittany Cartwright

In an exclusive interview with Karz Style TV about her split from Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright revealed that she isn’t ruling out the possibility of finding love again. I think it will happen when I least expect it, she told us.

Exclusive Interview with Madison Channing Walls

Madison Channing Walls just chatted with her best friend Sasha Monik. She told me she has no plans of starting a family any time soon, Madison tells us. She likes kids but said she needs a lot more energy in her life before committing herself to the next 20 years. Sasha doesn’t see herself dating anytime soon either. Her quote: ‘I want people to miss me!’ was so cute, Madison recalls.

How did Stassi react to this controversy?

After her split from Patrick Meagher, Stassi has been focusing on herself. However, she couldn’t resist the chance to comment when someone posed the question about whether or not Sasha’s new post means that she is single. I’m single, said Stassi. Ask me out.

Why was Jax Taylor upset by this news?

Jax Taylor was the last person who would have been upset by the news that Sasha was single again. He’s not her ex-boyfriend (though he did win a season of The Bachelorette), he’s her former boss at SUR. And as she points out in her caption, they’re both getting ready for new projects: she is opening up her own restaurant and he will be returning to Vanderpump Rules this summer. It feels so good to be moving on with my life, she wrote. I’m so excited for what’s next.


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