Why Twitter’s Team Trump’s “PotusMorsemashable” Hashtag Is So Terrible

You may have been told that President Trump observed Cinco de Mayo with a tweet that showed an image of him body-slamming a wrestler who was dressed as the role of a dummy. And, in typical Trump style, he hashtagged the tweet #potusmorsemashable. A lot of Twitter users weren’t pleased and expressed disdain towards the hashtag. Before we get further, let’s be certain the hashtag is awful. It’s juvenile and crass. It’s also, perhaps most importantly it’s plain boring. Twitter has been struggling to gain public trust following the election and this hashtag only worsens the situation. If you’d like to make sure that your brand’s name isn’t linked to this kind of content, choose an alternative hashtag or stay away to use hashtags.

The Hashtag

Twitter is facing backlash since we launched the “PotusMorsemashable” hashtag in honor of President Donald Trump. The hashtag is a reference to the term used by President “POTUS” and is meant to be a fun description of his tweets. However, there have been some users who have criticized the hashtag as inappropriate and unprofessional.

Some individuals claim that the use of a hashtag that refers to an anatomical term is unsuitable due to the fact that it may be considered insensitive to certain people in members of the LGBTQ+ community. Some argue that the use of such a term manner minimizes the importance of Trump’s work as president. Twitter has removed this hashtag from its platform however, it’s still accessible through third-party applications such as Hashtagify.

While some might consider some people find the “# Twitter Teamtrump Potusmorsemashable” hashtag offensive some have been defending the use of it. Some say it’s just an enjoyable way to talk about Trump’s tweets and isn’t worthy of all the criticism it’s been getting. Team Twitter, Trump, may have selected a bad hashtag to make a joke about their campaign however, it’s ultimately the responsibility of each user to decide if they find the phrase humorous or offensive.

The Origins of the Hashtag

The Twitter team of Trump’s “PotusMorsemashable” hashtag is so horrible. It was supposed to be a fun method of mocking the president however it ended up being an absolute failure. The hashtag was used to share photos of the president, with funny captions intended to make him appear silly. However certain jokes included racist or sexist remarks that made them extremely offensive. Many people utilized the hashtag to post photos of the president featuring the sexiest of pedophiles as well as Nazi images. Twitter promptly erased all posts that used the hashtag #PotusMorsemashable, but the time was now. We’d done the harm. Twitter apologized for what went wrong however it’s too late to save the reputation of the hashtag.

The Issues with the Hashtag

Twitter’s “PotusMorsemashable” hashtag is terrible. It’s not a presidential hashtag. The second reason is that it’s not humorous. Thirdly, it could be an improved design.

Twitter’s team Trump selected the hashtag to mock the Obama-inspired hashtag campaign #ImWithObama which helped propel him to victory in 2012 and 2008. However, the overall feel of the campaign must be redesigned for Twitter. The hashtag is too serious and official as if the person on Twitter didn’t have a sense of comedy and wanted to appear clever by creating an original hashtag.

The tag is also in conflict with Twitter’s other goals for branding. Twitter is a company that wants its users to feel that it’s a larger community that allows them to share their opinions on anything and everything. A silly hashtag like “PotusMorsemashable” doesn’t fit that style of thinking. It’s more like Twitter is trying to become something it’s not, namely an official social media platform for journalists and government officials.

Twitter Responds to the Hashtag

Twitter is responding to hashtag #PotusMorsemashable by putting up some funny responses. The most popular response comes by Twitter user @TheTweetOfGod who writes “Hashtag games are for kids who can’t think of anything else to do on a Friday night.” Other responses include “#HashtagAssassin,” “#HashtagDirewolf,” and “#HashtagLoser.”


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