Internal Swiggy 800m 2.2b Swaggy

Bundl Technologies Private Limited the parent company of Swiggy’s company has recently offered it a large amount of its own capital. The latest round of funding of $800 million has been valued at $2.2 billion, which is the largest investment ever made by an Indian meal delivery service. The new capital will enable Swiggy to expand its current services and offerings across the country. Internal Swiggy 800m 2.2b SWIggy

This article will analyze the details of Swiggy’s recent Series G investment round, which resulted in Swiggy’s Indian food delivery firm receiving a staggering $800 million. The most recent round of funding was led by Naspers as well as participation from Tencent as well as Hillhouse Capital, among others. The total amount that Swiggy has raised since its inception is a staggering $2. internal swiggy 800m 2.2b swiggy

It was announced that Swiggy’s massive investment round of $800 million, supported by Naspers and other investors has recently made headlines. The latest financing boosts the total amount of cash that Swiggy has received to $2.2 billion and makes it one of the top profitable companies in India. The latest investment is expected to aid in the expansion of the services offered by Swiggy and expand its offerings into new areas.


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