The Top-Secret Essential Geography of the Office

You’ve probably noticed a difference in the layout of an office if you’ve ever been there. There’s a reason this happens to you. It’s important to plan your office properly so that you can maximize productivity and look professional.

Your core competencies

What are your core competencies and strengths? What are your core competencies? In other words, what gives you an advantage over others? This will help you design your office spaces so that your employees can be as productive as possible. If you are an accountant with clients across the country and need to have their tax documents expedited, not in three weeks (we’re talking about traditional brick-and-mortar firms), then it might be a good idea to invest in state-of-the-art interactive virtual reality (VR).

Making sense of Metrics

Metrics can only be one tool in a multitude of tools that can be used for measuring progress and understanding. Metrics are a way to provide data and answers to questions but they do not tell the truth. It is important to consider what we want to achieve in order to move beyond metrics. Ask yourself: What is at stake? What is success? What is failure? These questions should be considered when constructing metrics. There are no wrong answers, only better ones.

Understanding Team Structure

Different types of teams have different characteristics that determine how they should be structured. Each company will have a mix of these types, depending on the needs. You can break down the team into four distinct structures, each unique in its own way: project-based product, functional, matrix, and project-based project.

A product-based team is the most common type of team structure you will see in companies. This is where one or more people are involved in multiple projects simultaneously and may be paid differently depending on the role they play within each project. Because everyone is working towards the same goal, product teams need strong leadership. It’s important to train people in multiple areas if you plan on implementing a product-based structure.

Mapping Relationships

Your workplace environment can tell a lot about you and your career. These relationships can make a difference. Here are some tips to help you navigate the hidden geography of offices.

It could be a good idea to have a desk placed on the outside wall. You’ll be more accessible to people who call in or visit your office if you have a desk on the outside wall. This same spot can also be considered a disadvantage because it restricts visibility for leaders. Because you can see everyone coming and going, an inner wall spot is a good choice for upward mobility. This spot may be ideal for someone who is looking for quiet but doesn’t mind being absent from every conversation in the company.

Zooming in on Locations

A place where you can work effectively and comfortably is essential. You will need a place to talk on the phone or chat with coworkers. There should also be a space where you can sit down and type your thoughts or think about projects. You want to be able to focus on your work by setting up your office away from other distractions such as appliances or people. You can bring a desk and set up cubbies and shelves to keep all your supplies and materials in one spot. To ensure that you always have your reference books at hand, lay them out before you start work every day.

It’s all in the end

Are you unhappy with your job? Changes in your workplace can make a difference in how you work. Before you reach for your phone to call HR, take a look at this list to see the most common ways to transform your 9-5.

  1. Get Outside. Even if you have to be on the top floor, look for offices that are well-lit and with plenty of windows. To create more green space indoors, bring in potted plants, hanging succulents, or live plants. Studies show that employees who are near greenery are more productive and alert.    


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