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DrChrono EMR Review

DrChrono is a digital health technology company based in the United States. They provide cloud-based, Web-based applications and billing services. They have several different products for doctors and other healthcare professionals. They help improve claim rates, are flexible, and are easy to use.


DrChrono EHR is a very user-friendly electronic medical records system (EMR) that integrates seamlessly with your practice. It includes an integrated billing dashboard that allows practice managers to monitor billing analytics and reviews. It also provides tools that improve clean claim fees, reduce human error, and automate workflow. Its user-friendly interface and updated software make billing simple and accurate.

DrChrono is highly customizable for different types of health organizations. It supports third-party labs and is HIPAA-compliant, ensuring that your sensitive patient information is safe and secure. Additionally, DrChrono’s software meets meaningful use standards and is suitable for small independent practices.


The user interface of DrChrono EMR is simple and intuitive, and allows you to make the most of its features. You can filter by day, week, or month to view only the appointments you need to make. You can also view individual providers and their locations. The scheduling tool also lets you easily set appointments and register new patients.

This all-in-one cloud-based system combines EHR, billing, and patient management features to provide a seamless experience. The software allows for easy navigation, and its iPad app makes the experience even more user-friendly. However, there are several downsides, including a steep learning curve and frequent downtimes. Despite this, DrChrono is an excellent choice for small independent medical offices.

Improves claim rates

Using a revenue cycle management solution, like DrChrono, can help your practice maintain a steady income, even during hectic times. Its team of billing experts, coding compliance officers, and certified medical coders can help you improve your clean claim rates and ensure consistent billing and collection. Additionally, the platform’s customizable reporting tools enable you to see details about patient and practice activity in real-time. You can see the number of claims submitted, the dollar value of each claim, and the number of claims adjudicated, revised, and denied.

This software offers customizable reporting, with options for sorting by payer, timeframe, individual claims, and bulk claims. It also scrubs claims and adjusts them for errors. It also provides a PMS for managing and reviewing patient information. The company has a 96% FPAR and is recommended for small practices with up to ten employees.


One of the major benefits of DrChrono eMR software is flexibility. This medical record system is HIPAA compliant, allowing for customization and security. It can be integrated with over 40,000 diagnostic labs, reducing the risk of errors and loss. In addition, it offers powerful tools to streamline medical charting, including text expanders and medical speech-to-text. DrChrono also automates billing profiles and populates CPT and ICD codes automatically. It also exceeds HIPAA security standards, with encryption and two-factor authentication. It is regularly audited for data security to ensure it is as safe as possible.

DrChrono’s web interface is very user-friendly and contains advanced task management features. However, the app interface is limited and requires an iPad to use. It is also not mobile-compatible, which makes it less useful for some users. However, its billing team is excellent and very responsive. The staff is polite and courteous, and problems are quickly resolved.

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DrChrono’s EMR is very affordable, with a monthly fee of $199 per user. This price is relatively inexpensive for small practices, and it gradually increases as you move up through the different tiers of software. In contrast, Cerner EMR’s pricing isn’t readily available, but it is likely to follow the same subscription model. If you’re unsure about the cost of the software, you should contact the vendor directly to get a quote.

DrChrono has a built-in billing module, allowing you to easily submit and manage claims. The software also features a complete coding library, so you can use the software to code diagnoses. Once you’ve coded a diagnosis, you can lock it and send it to your biller or to a third party. This makes the software versatile, and it can be used for in-house billing or for outsourcing billing. The software also includes all of the core features you need to conduct your practice.


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