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In recent times the Brazilian economy is growing at a steady pace, and along with that growth has been an increased need for better education. Descomplica is the Brazilian test prep startup that has received $83 million of funding via the Softbank group and other purchasers to help meet this demand. Descomplica intends to use the money to accumulate funds and create new products as well as 33 new programs in the coming twelve months.

Descomplica’s goal is to build an online university in Brazil. The quarterly earnings report indicated that, at the beginning of the month, Cogna Educacao SA, Brazil’s most prestigious academic institution was home to 820,000 students registered in its Kroton larger training division. Descomplica helps these students prepare for standardized tests to be able to go into schools and government services. Descomplica also provides undergraduate classes and has 5 million monthly customers.

Numerous prominent buyers, including Softbank as well as Softbank, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Invus Group, and U2 musician The Edge, put cash into the business for this latest circular. With this investment, Descomplica is nicely positioned to achieve its goal of becoming the leading online college in Brazil.

The past of the past

Descomplica was founded in the year 2011 by three Brazilian entrepreneurs: Rodrigo Mazza, Gustavo Gouveia, and Fabio Angelo. It was founded as a test-prep website for students preparing for the Brazilian entrance exam to college which is often referred to as the vestibular.

in 2013, Descomplica broadened its options to include undergraduate programs. The following year it released a mobile application. It was in 2015 that Descomplica became part of Grupo A, a training company. Grupo A, however, the three founders remained with a minority share of the business.

In the year 2018, Descomplica received $50 million from Softbank’s Imaginative and Prescient Fund as well as other buyers. The company used the funds to boost its operations, including the hiring of new employees as well as opening an office located in the USA.

In the year 2019, Descomplica announced it had raked in an additional $183m from Softbank group as well as other buyers. The company intends to utilize the money to build up and create new products, along with 33 brand-new programs in the coming year’s time.

Merchandise and Companies

Descomplica offers a broad range of undergraduate and test prep programs. The company’s offerings is available on its website and through its mobile application.

Descomplica’s test prep programs help college students to prepare for the Brazilian entrance exam to the college also known as vestibular. Descomplica also offers programs for students who are taking the Brazilian civil service examination administered by the authorities.

In addition to its test prep options, Descomplica gives undergraduate programs. The programs offered by the company are taught online and incorporate videos, tests, and advice from tutors.

Descomplica has five million monthly customers. Descomplica’s products can be located in Brazil as well as the USA and other countries.

Assistive FAQs

What is an exam for admission to a Brazilian college entrance exam?

A Brazilian college entrance exam often referred to as the vestibular test, is a standard test that students at college must complete to gain admission to a Brazilian college.

What is the Brazilian civil service exam of the Brazilian government?

The civil service exam is a standard test that college students need to pass in order to be eligible for certain government jobs in Brazil.

What is Brazilian-based descomplica 83m SoftBank

Descomplica is a Brazilian test-prep company that has raked in $83 million of funding through the Softbank group and other purchasers. The company intends to use the money to build up and create new products along with 33 brand-new programs by the end of the twelve months.

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