8 Reasons to Visit Wild Water Amusement Park in Fresno, CA

Why go to an amusement park when there are so many other ways to spend your time and money? Consider these eight reasons to visit Wild Water Amusement Park in Fresno, CA, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t visit sooner! From the rides to the games and food, this park has everything you could want or need on your vacation!

1) Its easy to get there

It’s easy to get to the park from anywhere. There are a lot of ways you can get there but if you’re driving I recommend using google maps. If you use the directions on their website you can input your starting point and then it will tell you which way to go from there. When you arrive at the park entrance, be sure to have your credit card with you because parking is not free! They also offer passes that allow access for all day or for 3 days so if this is something that interests you be sure to ask about that as well.

2) There are many attractions

Visiting Wild Water is a great idea for those seeking an exciting adventure. 

It’s not just a waterpark; it’s a full-blown amusement park with all of the bells and whistles. Families will find plenty of attractions geared toward kids and adults alike. There are go-karts, bumper boats, driving ranges, and even a surfing simulator. You can also enjoy other amenities like picnic tables, shade structures, and restrooms. The only thing that might be missing is a chairlift up the mountain or access to trails or campgrounds nearby but you’re really just there for the water anyway! You don’t have to go far from your house either since they have indoor swimming pools as well!

It would be impossible to list everything this fabulous place has to offer so check them out on their website before you make your decision about where to spend your next day off!

3) Amazing views

The view of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range is a spectacular backdrop for your visit. In the winter months, you can see snow-capped mountains and on a summer day, you can see the deep blue sky. The views are great all year round! For example, in the winter months, you can see snow-capped mountains and on a summer day you can see the deep blue sky. Additionally, there are several water slides that take advantage of this scenic backdrop.

4) Family friendly

Wild Water is an amazing water park for the whole family. With a variety of rides for all ages, this park is perfect for the whole gang. Kids will love the slides and adults will enjoy the lazy river and wave pools. If you’re looking for more than just an amusement park with slides, then check out some of their other attractions too! They have a mini golf course that’s fun for all skill levels and a ropes course that provides an adventure like no other! Trust us when we say that your family won’t be disappointed by spending a day at this wild water amusement park in Fresno, CA.

5) Reasonable prices

It’s no surprise that the prices for a day at an amusement park are high. In addition to the cost of entrance into the park itself, there are often parking fees and food costs. At Wild Water Amusement Park we offer a variety of options for entrance and packages that can work with any budget. One of our most affordable options is our $ 25-day pass which includes all-day access to the waterpark and unlimited water slides plus two hours on other rides. This is a great option for families with children under 48 inches tall who do not want to spend their entire day in one place since they can only go on one ride over two hours long before they need a break.

6) The rides are safe

Parking is free at the park and it’s not hard to find a spot. There are plenty of spots for disabled visitors too. The parking lot is an easy walk from the entrance so you don’t have to worry about carrying heavy things. There are also plenty of benches for those who need a break from walking. A little way up from the parking lot is the picnic area where there are lots of tables and trees for shade. There is even a small grassy area with some playground equipment for kids. You can sit down with your lunch or enjoy your ice cream while watching people go by on their rides. It’s fun: 

Maintaining good hygiene isn’t hard thanks to hand sanitizer stations all around the grounds. For hungry visitors, there’s a food court near the front gate where you can purchase pizza, burgers, fries, hot dogs, snacks, and drinks.

7) Year-round weather

The park is open year-round and is conveniently located near the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains so the weather should be comfortable for all but a few months out of the year. The water parks are heated during winter so it’s a great place to visit when you’re looking for a break from cold temperatures. Temperatures are typically between 40-80 degrees Fahrenheit. There are several rides that accommodate people with disabilities which is great if you’re bringing your grandparents or parents who can’t walk very far.

The park also has its own hotel on site so you don’t have to worry about finding accommodations nearby or driving home after riding all day long.

8) Free parking

Wild Water is a family-owned and operated amusement park that’s been around since the late 1940s. You can get free parking right at the entrance of the park! Once you’re inside, it’s only $5 for parking all day so guests don’t have to worry about walking back out of the park. Parking is also available for $2 for two hours or $4 for four hours.


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