Why Twitter’s Team Trump’s “PotusMorsemashable” Hashtag Is So Terrible

As you may also have heard, President Trump celebrated Cinco de Mayo by tweeting a video of him body-slamming a wrestler dressed as a dummy. And in ordinary Trump fashion, he hashtagged it #potusmorsemashable. Many Twitter customers have been now not amused and expressed disdain for the hashtag. Now, earlier than we go any further, let’s be clear: this hashtag is terrible. It’s crass and juvenile. And worst of all, it’s simply undeniably unfunny. Twitter has struggled to regain public confidence due to the fact the election and this hashtag worsened things. If you prefer to make sure your manufacturer isn’t related to this content, use a one-of-a-kind hashtag or chorus from the usage of hashtags.

The Hashtag

Twitter has been going through backlash after we created their “PotusMorsemashable” hashtag in honor of President Donald Trump. The hashtag is a play on the presidential time period “POTUS” and is supposed to be a light-hearted descriptor for the president’s tweets. However, some customers have criticized the hashtag as being inappropriate and disrespectful.

Some humans argue that the usage of a hashtag that references an anatomical time period is inappropriate, given that it may want to be considered offensive to some contributors of the LGBTQ+ community. Others say that the usage of the time period in this way trivializes Trump’s vital work as president. Twitter has considering eliminated the hashtag from its platform, however, it stays reachable thru third-party offerings like Hashtagify.

While some humans may additionally locate the “#Twitter Teamtrump

The potusmorsemashable” hashtag is inappropriate, but others have defended its use. Some argue that it’s absolutely an enjoyable way to describe Trump’s tweets and doesn’t deserve all of the bad interest it’s been receiving. Twitter’s team, Trump, may additionally have chosen an unlucky hashtag for their marketing campaign joke, however, subsequently, it’s up to every consumer to determine whether or not or now not they locate the time period humorously or offensive.

The Origins of the Hashtag

Twitter’s crew Trump’s “PotusMorsemashable” hashtag is so terrible. The hashtag was once supposed to be a light-hearted way of poking excitement at the president, however, it became out to be a disaster. We used the hashtag to submit pictures of the president with stupid captions that had been supposed to make him appear silly. However, some of the jokes have been racist and sexist, which made them very offensive. Some human beings even used the hashtag to share photographs of the president with pedophiles and Nazi symbols. Twitter shortly deleted all posts that featured the #PotusMorsemashable hashtag, however, it was once too late. We had executed the damage. Twitter has when you consider that apologized for how this went wrong, however, it is too late for the hashtag’s reputation.

The Problems with the Hashtag

Twitter’s “PotusMorsemashable” hashtag is terrible. First of all, it’s no longer presidential. Second of all, it’s now not funny. And 0.33 of all, it may want to be a higher design.

Twitter’s group Trump selected the hashtag to parody the Obama-inspired #ImWithObama hashtag marketing campaign that helped propel him to victory in 2008 and 2012. But the typical vibe of the marketing campaign desires to be corrected for Twitter. The hashtag feels too earnest and official, like anyone on Twitter had no feeling of humor and was once attempting to be wise by coming up with a wise hashtag.

The tag additionally clashes with Twitter’s different branding goals. Twitter desires its customers to experience it like they’re a section of an international neighborhood a place they can share their ideas on something and everything. Using a stupid hashtag like “PotusMorsemashable” doesn’t suit that vibe. It looks extra like Twitter is making an attempt to be something it’s now not – a serious social media platform for authorities officers and journalists.

Twitter Responds to the Hashtag

Twitter has spoken back to the #PotusMorsemashable hashtag with some hilarious responses. The most famous response is from Twitter consumer @TheTweetOfGod, who writes, “Hashtag video games are for youngsters who can’t assume of something else to do on a Friday night.” Other responses consist of “#HashtagAssassin,” “#HashtagDirewolf,” and “#HashtagLoser.”


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