This is more than just a cutie Shikimori. It’s a true emotional depth.

Shikimori’s not just a cutie is a romcom anime pfp series that features the ostensible fearless lady Shikimori and her charmingly gawky, sad darling Izumi Yuu. The story of Shikimori explains that Shikimori, a legend, and the best darling, is almost perfect when there is a lot at stake.

This makes Shikimori strong and a contender to be the season’s Best Girl. In the middle of the story’s crucial action progressions, Shikimori is ideal transformed over those. Episode 5 clearly showed the personal and intimate extent of Shikimori’s abilities. Although she may not be an unshakeable tsundere in the grand scheme of things, she is a deredere with specific quirks.

How Shikimori became a well-rounded best girl

Nekozaki speaks with shikimori

Shikimori, the anime’s most athletic, confident, well-known, gifted, and respected character, is best described as the “best” of the series. Everyone loves her, from Izumi and his friends to the light Inuzuka, and his friend Hachimitsu, and everyone respects her. This is particularly true during Episode 5. Shikimori’s main battle is in Episode 5. Shikimori saves Izumi from getting choked in Episode 5. In the middle of all the action scenes, Shikimori is amazing even, and complex. She’s not just beautiful, she also has many individual erraticism. For Episode 5, we read about Luyenchuong Vn.

It’s easy to make Shikimori nervous and goad her, but Izumi is skilled at playing with her and achieving charming scenes in which Shikimori becomes irritated and questions herself. Although it’s all a lot of fun, Shikimori still has some flaws that make her engaging. It is impossible to find the perfect young woman. However, it is possible to connect with someone who does not fly off the handle after her lover has played with her a bit.

Shikimori is a healthy, stylish, and pfp character. However, she can sometimes be jealous or possessive. In spite of the fact that Shikimori did not have an exceptional explanation to be jealous of a young man who had saved her, she answered inadequately. Shikimori is a bit ferocious and can take it very seriously when she loses to Nekozaki’s group in a baseball game.

Shikimori is a remarkable liberal, thoughtful, and restless young woman. She also has the ability to be courageous when necessary. With great effort, she can be made into a sadder, kuudere, or tsundere. She is not limited to broken-down characters such as Nagatoro Hayase and the quiet kuudere Aharen Reina.

Shikimori Balanced Even More

Shikimori dazed

Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie contains two or three components that can be rearranged to change Shikimori’s character. Shikimori’s character can be described as having two modes. One is the everyday presence, and one is the action. Shikimori is not responsible for the movement’s progress, such as protecting Izumi and trying to amaze Izumi. Shikimori has the ability, determination, Moxy, and athletic ability to accomplish what is needed. This could lead to stress that she may be truly ruined and her character could shift to focus on this. It should be more than “watch Shikimori surprise red cedar message”.

Shikimori can be more diverse and changed in her everyday presence mode, even though there isn’t much being mentioned, such as the trip to the shopping mall or Shikimori talking to Izumi via phone. These scenes show Shikimori as fiery, fiery, and temperamental. She radiates radiance. Shikimori should emulate this when she is actually trying to change her character. When a lot is at stake, such as her jealous or problematic side, she needs to fall somewhere near once. This might give Izumi and his partners a chance to shine for once. Shikimori excels when she can do many things at once, even if she’s the most adorable darling. She should be more than a perfect cutie pie.


Ryota Itoh ( My Senpai is Annoying), Yoshimi Narita( Glitterforce) is responsible for the collection composition, and Hiroaki Takasumi ( Tokyo Revengers composes the music. Shunsuke Suzu ( New Game!), and Takeshi Takadera To your Eternity are respectively the art director and sound director.

Saori Onishi ( Blue Period) plays Shikimori with Shuichiro Umeda ( Blade of the Immortal), as Izumi and Misato Matsuoka( Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway), as Nekozaki, and Nobuhiko Okamoto( BEASTARS), as Inuzuka. Shikimori’s not just a cutie already has an English dub. This includes the voice talents of Bryson Baugus, (Haikyuu!) !, Macy Anne Johnson (Smile Down the Runway), and Clifford Chapin (“My Hero Academia”).


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