Thanks to pornography, Ted Cruz begins trending on Twitter

WASHINGTON, U.S. – Senator Ted Cruz woke up to all hell breaking loose after the internet discovered that the failed presidential candidate had ‘liked’ a pornographic video on Twitter.

As the internet went crazy, Ted Cruz began trending on Twitter, and the explicit two-minute-long video, which came from an account called @Sexuallposts, led to much embarrassment for the Senator.

The video, featuring two women and a man, appeared in Cruz’ ‘likes’ stream on his official account but was deleted around 1.30 am.

Subsequently, Catherine Frazier, Cruz’s communications adviser, tweeted, “The offensive tweet posted on @tedcruz account earlier has been removed by staff and reported to Twitter.”

However, many were quick to point out that the video had not been posted to his account, but liked from it.

While there was no clarity as to whether Cruz liked it himself, or whether a staff member on his team did, perhaps forgetting who he or she was logged in as – Twitter was quick to react.

Several of the users who responded said that the faux pas was committed on September 11, when the country was remembering the tragic terror attacks of 2001.

Hillary Clinton’s advisor Adam Parkhomenko said, “Somewhere Ted Cruz’s staff is trying to wake him up to unlike that video. But he’s sound asleep after watching it.”

Another Twitter user said, “Ted Cruz liking a porn tweet on 9/11 is honestly the first moment of happiness American politics has brought me since Trump won.”

However, the Republican lawmaker from Texas was among more than 400 accounts that liked the two-minute-long porno.

PornHub too chimed in and identified one of the X-rated actors featured in the video as Cory Chase.

Another user said, “This is the night that Ted Cruz became president.”

And another said, “Somewhere in Texas McMansion, Ted Cruz is sleeping, blissfully unaware of the maelstrom of horror that awaits him in the morning”

Another user said, “I’ll pay $10 to any reporter that asks Ted Cruz if he’s seen any good movies lately.”

Yet another said, “Everyone making the exact same Ted Cruz porn jokes at the same time is what twitter was born to do.”

Another said, “Don’t let the Ted Cruz porn story distract you from the fact that he is somehow younger than Jennifer Lopez.”

A user noted, “Ted Cruz liking a porn tweet on 9/11 is honestly the first moment of happiness American politics has brought me since Trump won”

And another said, “Ted Cruz porn scandal is exactly what the world needed right now.”

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