Lamora Williams is a mother who killed her two sons. She was 37 years old at the time of their deaths, and she lived in the George Washington Carver Housing Project in Baltimore, Maryland. Lamora was born on August 1, 1967, and raised by her single mother because she was not biologically related to either of her parents. Her mother struggled with addiction throughout Lamora’s childhood, so she learned how to take care of herself from an early age. By the time she turned 24 years old, Lamora had already started making mistakes in her life that would lead up to what would become her downfall later on—murdering two innocent boys who were still children themselves at just 13 months old and 2 years old respectively when they passed away due to neglectful parenting practices by their mother (who also happened to be Lamora’s half-sister).

Lamora Williams had a troubled childhood.

Lamora Williams was born in 1976 and raised by her grandmother, who was a drug addict. She had no mother figure in her life and was abused by her grandmother as a child.

She also had many problems growing up: she developed anorexia, depression and bulimia; attempted suicide; and became homeless at the age of 18.

She made a lot of mistakes in her young life.

Lamora Williams was born in Detroit, Michigan on July 23, 1988. She had a troubled childhood and made many mistakes in her young life.

She was a drug addict who first got addicted to crack cocaine when she was 12 years old. After that, she started using marijuana and then went on to use PCP (angel dust), ecstasy pills and GHB—all illegal drugs when you’re underage. In addition to these illegal substances, Lamora also struggled with depression and anxiety which led her down a path toward suicide attempts at various times throughout her teens and twenties until she finally killed herself at age 30 due to an overdose of antidepressants prescribed by her doctor after suffering from severe postpartum depression following the birth of her second child (also out of wedlock).

It wasn’t until she was 37 years old that she had the opportunity to redeem herself from her past misdeeds.

In her late 30s, Williams found a new way to redeem herself from her past misdeeds. She had a daughter and decided to raise her as best she could.

The woman who killed two sons is now a mother herself, raising a child without the support of her estranged husband, who never believed in reconciliation.

Lamora wanted to change her life for the better, and she found a way to do so by assisting other people in need.

Lamora was a nurse, and she wanted to change her life for the better. She found a way to do so by assisting other people in need.

She started her career as a nurse at the hospital where she lived, working with terminally ill patients and helping them through their final days in this world. Lamora made sure that every patient received proper treatment and cared for them with love while they were still alive.

Her compassion extended far beyond just maintaining order at work—she also volunteered at local soup kitchens on weekends so those less fortunate than herself could enjoy some food while they waited for hours on end outside of those places before finally being allowed inside (and sometimes even once inside). Lamora did this because she felt like it was important not only for herself but also because she knew how much good it could do others too!

Unfortunately, Lamora’s will was stronger than most people’s and she was able to overcome all of her obstacles.

Lamora Williams was a woman who had a troubled childhood and made a lot of mistakes in her young life. However, it wasn’t until she was 37 years old that she had the opportunity to redeem herself from her past misdeeds.

It all started when Lamora’s mother died when Lamora was just eight years old. This left her father alone with two young boys who didn’t know how to take care of themselves and they were at risk of being taken away by social services if something bad happened (which it did).

The first thing Lamora did after losing his wife went out drinking every night with friends until he passed out drunk on his couch; then he would wake up hungover just like always but this time there would be no one around because everyone else had gone home hours ago from their own hangover sessions which didn’t help matters much either way because now there was even less support than before!


Citation: “Lamora Williams was a mother who killed her two sons.”

Notes: Lamora is the most famous person in Erath County.

“Lamora Williams, 40, is accused of beating to death her two sons. Lamora’s boyfriend and neighbor are also suspected in the murder but they have not been charged.”

“Williams lived with her boyfriend, David Evans, and their two sons at 601 North Main Street in Erath County. Evans has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder. He is being held without bond in the Erath County Jail.”

The above news story is an example of how adults react to the idea that a child murderer is their neighbor or loved one. Furthermore, adults sometimes feel that it’s unfair to charge someone for something that happened when they were too young to know any better (even though children are often capable of killing).

Citation: “Before she murdered her stepdaughters,” “Stephany Lloyd had become a model mother\sitter for single mothers looking to earn extra money.”

Credits: Stephanie Lloyd aka Stephany Lloyd; People magazine reporter; John Kelly; Michael Jones (ErathCountyTX)

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