Payal Gaming (Youtuber) biography, Age, Income, Height, Boyfriend, Family & More

Real name Payal Dhare
Known as Payal Gaming
Gender Female
Age (as of 2023) 23 years old
Profession Youtuber
Birthday 18 September
Marital status unmarried
Boyfriend No
Net worth 35 crores ( approximately)
Specialization Indian Gaming Video Creator


Hello friends, welcome to our blog.  Friends, what we are going to talk about today is a very famous name on social media. Yes, it hardly happens that there is a conversation on online games and Omegle topics in India and her name does not come up.

We are talking about YouTube star Payal!  Payal is a YouTube star and social media star who made her own distinct identity at a very young age and that is why people from all over the country know her as “Payal Gaming”.  In this article, we are going to present all the information related to Payal Dhare. This information has been discovered from various mediums of the internet.

If you want to get all the information about Payal Dhare, then with the help of this article you will be able to get all the information as well as you will get answers to your questions, so let’s get to know it properly.

Who is Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming

Payal Dhare is known as “Payal Gaming” because of this name she started a YouTube channel and with this name, she went viral all over the internet.

Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming is a YouTuber and Social Media Influencer by profession. Payal joined YouTube in the year 2019 and started a YouTube career. Today she has completed almost 4 years on YouTube and during this time many of her videos went viral. The videos uploaded by her were liked by millions of people and some videos remained in the list of top trending on Tik Tok for several days.

Payal started the YouTube channel with the aim of giving information related to online games, but online games created some such wonderful/entertaining content, due to which she became a star overnight.

After this, she started making videos on Omegle and started sharing her videos on Instagram as well.  In just 1-2 days, lakhs of views started increasing on her videos and Payal became viral day by day. Today she has more than 1 million followers on Instagram.

We have presented every important moment related to Payal Dhare’s life with the help of this article, so you will be able to know further.

Along with this, we have also presented information on the following points after in-depth research.

Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming Wikipedia, personal information, Bio, wiki.

Real name Payal Dhare
Stage name or popular name Payal gaming
Nickname Payal
Caste Dhare
Sub-caste and caste category Not known
Religion Hindu
Nationality Indian
Zodiac sign Virgo ♍
Age( as of 2023) 23 year old
Date of birth 18 September 2000
birth place Bhilai
state Chhattisgarh
profession YouTuber
the reason behind the popularity Omegle content creator and YouTuber
Current residency, Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming’s residence address Hometown in Chhattisgarh
 active year From 2019 to present

Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming physical measurements, figures, and secret details

 Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming height 5’6″ feet
Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming  weight 53 kilograms
Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming figure 30-28-32
Skin color Fair
Eye color Black
Hair Color Black and brown
Hairstyle Silky long straight hair
Birthmark or tattoo Tattoo on the left hand
Other secret facts Also known as Dimple girl

Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming Biography, life introduction, and life journey

Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming was born on 18 September 2000. Payal Dhare was born in a place named Bhilai which comes under the state of Chhattisgarh, India

Almost half of her childhood was spent in Chhattisgarh. Her early education was also completed in Chhattisgarh.  Payal had planned to start a YouTube channel during the school period. She first started making videos on information related to daily life but later she started live streaming the pubg game, after which she started getting better results and then she made it the main medium or source of content

During the year 2020 Corona time, one of her videos went viral, which was liked by the people and her followers increased to lakhs in just 2 days.

Presently Payal Dhare makes videos on various topics.  Like Games, Tech, Beauty Tips etc. Payal is known for her beauty and excellent acting. Her Instagram has been verified with Blue Tick and millions of people follow her on Instagram as well. Now Payal Dhare is 23 years old and she lives in Mumbai Maharashtra.

Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming’s early life, struggles, career, and success story

Payal Dhare’s career started with YouTube. In the year 2019, she started the YouTube channel but not for the purpose of making videos on gaming topics. Let us tell you that when Payal started making gaming videos, she did not have any special equipment and facilities, but in the year 2019, one of her videos went viral, due to which she achieved this success.  Payal’s parents wanted their daughter to become an officer. Payal wanted to become a TV anchor and she used to get similar advice but after coming on YouTube, she gave up her dream of being a TV anchor because she got that success on YouTube which nowadays everyone is looking for

In the year 2019, Payal uploaded a video named “See how lucky I am, 28 creates opening PUBG mobile”.  This video made a lot of headlines on the internet, YouTube and Payal became a celebrity overnight.  Later she also made Omegle videos which also got a lot of support.

Achievements and awards

  • YouTube silver play button
  • YouTube gold Play button
  • Gaming icon of the year
  • Most famous streamer girl of the year
  • She is also famous for her fit and attractive body in the field of modeling

Viral story of Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming

You must be aware that the Corona period has left many people in a bad condition, but there are some people who found the Corona period as the best opportunity. Everyone was at home in the lockdown and the internet was seen to be the most crowded place. Almost everyone was getting entertained on the internet and in the meanwhile, YouTube also got huge traffic.

Something similar happened with Payal Dhare.  At the time of lockdown, her YouTube videos were fetching lakhs of views and her channel got lakhs of subscribers in just 1 year.

At that time a pubg video and an Omegle video of Payal Dhare became quite viral. Payal also made a video with Adarsh ​​and expressed her experiences and reaction to his video, which people liked the most.

Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming favorite things and hobbies

Name Favourite things
Place Dubai
Food Pizza
Drinks or beverage Coffee
Song Not known
Singer/musician Taylor Swift, Badshah,
Artist Lisa
Model Kritika khurana , Dorothy petzold,
Actor Salman Khan, Siddharth Malhotra
Actress Sreejita De, Deepika Padukone,
Movie Hum saath saath Hain.
Color Blue 🔵
Youtuber Zayn saifi ( round to hell), Harsh Beniwal, Ashish Chanchlani, carryminati
Dancer  Not known
Comedian Anubhav singh Bassi
Sports person Hardik Pandya
Politician Honorable Narendra Modi
Blogger Saurabh Joshi
Hobbies Playing games, traveling, photography modeling

Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming education qualification, skills, and other qualifications

Early education of Payal Dhare From nursery school in Chhattisgarh
School name Not known
Current class Post Graduation
Undergraduate degree Completed
Post-graduation Pursuing
College or university name Not known
University or college passing date 2020
Subjects Not known
other qualifications of Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming Fashion Model

 Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming, boyfriend, husband affairs, and family information

Father’s name of Payal Dhare aka
Payal Gaming
Mr. Dhare
Mother’s name of Payal Dhare aka
Payal Gaming
Mrs. Dhare
Brother Not known
Sister Bhumika
Boyfriend No
Husband No, she is unmarried
Affair No
Love crush Siddharth Malhotra
Cousin Not known
Best friends Aadarsh

Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming YouTube journey and channel analytical information

Payal Dhare started a youtube channel on 2 March 2019. There are more than 28 lakh followers on her channel.  Let us tell you that Payal works on 3 channels on YouTube which are shown below. Payal has uploaded 576 videos on this YouTube channel.

the analysis of Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming youtube channel is given below

Name of youtube channel @pagal gaming
Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming YouTube channel link
Number of subscribers 28+ lacs
Joining date 02 March 2019
Uploaded videos 576 videos
First published video Not known
Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming most viral YouTube video Ye bhi Thik hai। Funny reaction
Youtube channel category, tags Gaming
Total views Her youtube channel has crossed 22 crores views
Other info about Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming YouTube channel She has more than 2 youtube channels Payal shorts Payal gaming
Other youtube channel of Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming Nill

Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming salary, income, and Net worth

*Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming earning/ monthly income-  approx 1.7 lakhs rupees

*Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming Net worth – 35 crores ( approximately)

*Source of income –  gaming, youtube, modeling, ads, promotion, tech promotion, etc are the main source of her earnings

Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming Car Collection

  • Tata motors ( Harrier)
  • Royal Enfield GT
  • Mahindra Scorpio

Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming’s instagram information

Instagram account link
Payal Dhare aka
Payal Gaming’s Instagram Id
first post Not known
Number of followers 19 + lakhs
Following 314 followings
Number of posts 249 published posts
Account verification information verified with blue tick ✓
Account manager @8bit_creatives
Tags Gaming video creator
Other Nill

Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming address and hometown

Residence address  – Mumbai Maharashtra

Home Town–  Bhailai Chhattisgarh

Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming contact details and Social media platform)

*Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming mobile number-  +917389××××××

*Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming Insta I’d –

*Twitter account-   @payalgaming

*Facebook account-   @payalgaming official

*Email/Gmail account-   [email protected]

*Snapchat – @payalgamingg

*youtube channel –

Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming secret facts

  • Payal Dhare wanted to become a TV anchor.
  •  Payal’s family belongs to Chhattisgarh but currently lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  •  Payal likes to eat veg.
  •  Payal Dhare loves making videos with Youtuber Adarsh.
  •  Payal Dhare’s favorite YouTube star is Carry minati.
  •  The initial name of Payal Dhare’s YouTube was “Entity Payal” but later it was changed to Payal Gaming.

Q. Who is Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming?

Ans. Indian gamer girl. A youtuber

Q. Why is Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming so popular?

Ans. Game streaming and Omegle

 Q. Where was Payal Dhare born?

Ans. Bhilai Chattisgarh

 Q. How old is Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming?

Ans. 23 years

 Q. When was Payal Dhare born

Ans. March 2000

 Q. Does Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming have a boyfriend?

Ans. No

 Q. Does Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming smoke or drink?

Ans. No

Q. Is Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming vegetarian

Ans. Yes

 Q. Is Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming married?

Ans. No, she is single now

Q. Which language does Payal Dhare aka Payal Gaming speaks?

Ans. Hindi, English, Marathi as well

Q. What are the main games that Payal Dhare plays?

Ans. Free fire and Pubg


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