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How To Know Your NHIF Number In Case You’ve Lost It

I’ve just lost my NHIF card, and I required the number immediately so that I could make some deductions from my salary. Prior to getting your NHIF card, you might need the number. There are a variety of ways to obtain it. The most efficient way to call them and sending an email to the address that you’ll find below.

1You can send a text message and receive your NHIF number.ID*your ID number e.g. ID 12345678
It is best to type in an ID word followed by the ID code and transmit this to shortcode 21101. You will get a response that will include the NHIF Membership number indicated as well as the month in which you paid as well as that of the employer (where appropriate).

How To Know Your NHIF Number In Case You've Lost It
How To Know Your NHIF Number In Case You’ve Lost It

2. Call the NHIF toll-free number: NHIF toll-Free Line 0800 720 601
Request you NHIF membership number. They will be happy to help. When you’re there, inquire about the nearest location to get a replacement for your NHIF card in case you’ve lost it. I was actually required to visit NHIF to obtain my replacement card however when I needed it quickly, the person I spoke with was gracious enough to hand it to me without asking any questions. I handed her my ID number.

3.Reach them via social media
If you’re not successful in any other way, you can attempt online, one of the quickest methods of contacting them is to join Twitter the handle of their organization is the NHIF Kenya It is quite efficient.

4. Email to them
If you’re an old-fashioned person who prefers to be professional, you can contact them through their email, though I haven’t tested this yet and I wouldn’t be too surprised when it does not work, as there must be millions of Kenyans sending them emails as well. Reach them at [email protected].

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