Marriage Certificate Attestations

Attestation of Marriage Certificates

A marriage certificate is an official record of a couple’s union. The UAE Embassy has to attest the marriage certificate from the country belongs to, post-civil case registration. The procedure of confirming the validity of a Marriage Certificate for usage is known as attestation. Couples who want to live or work in the UAE and need to give evidence of their marriage frequently need to do this. 

The marriage certificate is normally approved by the issuing body in the country of origin, and then it is authenticated by the UAE embassy or consulate in that nation. The certificate can then be given to the appropriate UAE authorities for final approval after it has been authenticated. Use recommended application, to have your marriage license Attested. 

The attested copy of marriage license has to be and should be submitted along with supporting documents. For example, copy of your passport, the UAE residency visa page, Emirates ID, etc., in order to apply for a spouse residency visa in the United Arab Emirates. Find the Further Publishing here by the top Emirati Family Lawyers.

Marriage certificate attestation in Dubai is a difficult process. People frequently engage an attestation provider to complete their marriage certificate attestation for the UAE due to the complexity involved. The recommended application, streamlines the procedure for you by picking up your marriage certificate from your house, having it accurately attested by the relevant authorities, and then delivering it to your door. 

For instance, if you have to verify a marriage certificate like French Marriage that was issued a few years ago for United Arab Emirates, the certificate first needs to be reissued with current validity. If the document is to be used in the UAE, this stamp is followed by the attestation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris and finally the UAE embassy in Paris.

After that, the certificate is returned to the UAE for attestation at the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The document must be legally translated from French to Arabic because it is in French, which the different companies can help with.

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To prove signatures on the documents, the procedure of attestation for marriage certificates is used. The certification attestation for the UAE will also confirm the signatures’ authority. 

How to Get a Marriage Certificate Authenticated in the UAE: 

Steps are as follows:

  •         Create a list of the requirements.
  •         Speak with an attestation company. 
  •         Send the paperwork to the company of your choice.
  •         Wait for document processing. 
  •         Obtain the verified paperwork.

Points to Bear in Mind for UAE Marriage Certificate Attestation

Several state departments do not demand physical appearance for attestation. If you aren’t handling the attestation of a certificate personally, you’ll need the authorization letter.

For use in the UAE, a marriage certificate must be attested because, without the attestation stamps/seals, local authorities won’t consider the document to be legitimate and legal.

It is true that the legalization of a marriage certificate requires a lot of work and time. Fortunately, with the assistance of professionals, the entire authentication process can be completed.


Let us tell you that, please book the legal appointment with someone and then move ahead if the matter is about family cases or other serious matters. Online reading is just for knowledge. For practical action please consult the Lawyers and Legal Consultants. 

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