How Does Smoking Affect Your Teeth?

Smoking is a dangerous habit that affects every aspect of your body. People who smoke constantly have gum problems which lead to tooth loss in later life, delayed healing after a dental procedure, and even mouth cancer. Chronic smokers have teeth yellowing and plaques in their teeth and frequently suffer from bad breath. You can consult a Dentist in Islamabad if you are facing such problems.

Smoking and Teeth Health

Smoking and even vaping make you susceptible to oral and dental diseases. Some of them are listed below:

  • Gum or Periodontal Disease
  • increased plaques in teeth
  • Tooth decay and tooth loss
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Bad breath (also called halitosis)
  • Poor healing after a dental procedure
  • Oral cancer
  • Affected taste sensation
  • White patches in the mouth also called leukoplakia

How Does Smoking Lead to Dental Problems?

The nicotine and other tobacco products including the smoke deposits themselves on the teeth. Furthermore, it affects the normal functioning of the oral tissue and impairs the blood flow to the gums. This leads to plaque formation, tooth decay, tooth loss, and delayed healing of the wound.

Which Smoking Products Cause this?

Products including cigarettes, cigars, smoking pipes, and vapes all cause oral and dental health problems. Not only this, products like chewing tobacco and snuff also cause the same oral problems. They all have nicotine and tobacco products that affect gum and teeth health and increase the incidence of oral cancer.

How do I Overcome this Problem?

The most important way to overcome this problem is to quit your habit of smoking. Early intervention is the best preventive measure for this problem. By quitting smoking you are directly stopping the source of your oral and dental problems, therefore it is beneficial in the long run.

Studies show that people who quit smoking at any point in their lives always showed improvement in their symptoms. There are many ways to quit your smoking habit and invest in healthier ways of living.

What are the Alternative Solutions?

In addition to quitting your smoking habit, you can add the following things to your routine

  • Brushing at least 3 times a day with ingredients such as baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, activated charcoal, etc helps to keep teeth white.
  • Teeth whitening including over-the-counter products or professional teeth whitening procedures from your dentist
  • Using mouthwash regularly
  • Stay hydrated


Smoking is a habit that affects your health in general and oral health is not an exception. It affects the color of the teeth and causes an increase in plaque formation, tooth decay, and loss of teeth. It is important to break the bad habit of smoking and switch to a healthier lifestyle. For further help consult the best dentist in Rawalpindi through oladoc.







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