How to transfer your amazon gift card balance to another account

Amazon gift cards are one of the most convenient ways to buy things on amazon, whether you’re shopping for yourself or buying gifts. Amazon gift cards can be used across the entire website, including in-app purchases, and they don’t expire unless the card is physically damaged, so you won’t need to worry about losing them before you can use them. But what happens if you have more than one account on amazon? Can you transfer your amazon gift card balance between accounts? Thankfully, amazon makes it easy to move your balance from one account to another. Here’s how it works.

Is this allowed?

Amazon gift cards are an easy way to give a present, but what if the person you are giving the card to wants it for themselves? If you know that the person you’re giving it to has an account with amazon, then transferring it isn’t hard. Go ahead and purchase a new gift card for them, and on the checkout page, find their name or email address. Type in their information, and it will automatically transfer over your gift card balance.

What do you need?

In order to transfer your balance, you’ll need the gift card number and pin or phone number associated with the card. You will also need the email address of the recipient of your funds. 

Next, log in to your amazon account and click on your account. Under gift cards click on redeem a gift card. Enter in the details of your recipient’s email address. This can be a different email address from what you’re currently logged into. Once you’ve typed it in, check off which type of currency you would like them to receive (i.e., us dollar). If they are receiving a different currency than their default country, then they will have to agree with all terms and conditions for that country before proceeding with the transaction.

Step by step guide

In order to transfer your amazon balance, follow these steps: 

  1. Login with your current account 2. Click on your account 3. Select manage your content and devices 4. Click on your content and devices 5. Scroll down to digital content 6. You will see a list of downloadable content 7. Click on the button that says transfer balance 8. Enter the email address you want the balance transferred to 9. The money will be transferred within 48 hours 10 choose a reason for the transfer 11 enter in any notes 12 click continue 13 check out as usual

Extra tips

If you want to give someone a gift card but they don’t live close enough, you can transfer your balance onto their account. You can also do this if you are planning on giving the person an e-gift card as well. Here’s how:

1) on the top of your amazon homepage, click your account. 

2) click your orders in the menu on the left-hand side of the page. 

3) locate the order with your gift card balance and click view order details. 

4) under gift cards, click send gift card. 2) enter or select their email address and fill in any other relevant information that might be needed. You may need to upload a photo id if the recipient is not yet an amazon customer. 3) select yes, send now so it is sent right away; however, you can always choose no later if you need more time before sending. 4) confirm your choices and hit continue ordering when done. 5) check your own inbox for an email notification letting you know whether or not it was successful – otherwise call customer service to confirm they received it.


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