10 Uplifting Quotes To Make Your Day

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It is always easy to feel better when we hear uplifting quotes.

Running from the things we don’t want is difficult because the motivation behind running is negative. Negative motivation only attracts more negativity to our lives.

Here are some positive quotes and thoughts that will inspire you to run towards. Below are some inspirational quotes about self-love from me and others.

1. “Your dreams do not have to be grandiose; they can be achieved if you live them.”

Kelly Bouchard

Sometimes our dreams seem too big and we don’t realize them. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by these dreams. You will feel more accomplished and satisfied if you reach smaller goals. This confidence will help you feel more confident and make it easier to reach your larger dreams. Kelly Rudolph is the example I use to show my clients.

2. “It’s your life, live it well strong>

– Judge Judy Sheindlin

Judge Judy is a great example of hard work and determination. I love Judge Judy’s words. It’s easy to feel guilty about wanting nice things, but other people don’t have as many. Who is going to want luxurious vacations, gorgeous homes, rich financial resources, fulfilling relationships, or beautiful cars? We are not to desire nice things, great people, and abundance. People who attain abundance inwardly feel unworthy or guilt, which can make it short-lived or cause them to become sick and unable to enjoy it. It’s your life. You are here to be happy and to learn as much as possible.

3. “Let your dreams surpass your fears, let your actions speak louder than you words, and your faith be stronger than your emotions strong


Fear is something that most people experience every day. Keeping our eyes on our dreams can help us overcome this fear. It gives us energy and helps us to be positive. Though words are not the most powerful, actions speak louder than words. Here’s another one of my quotes about faith. Your faith will always help you get through. Believe in something greater than yourself. I have found that when we feel overwhelmed, out of control, or disconnected from our faith and spiritual center, it will always get us through. Although faith is not always religion, it can be a companion. Keep in touch with your faith daily to find the best fit for you.

4. “We don’t meet people accidentally. They have been there for a reason.


Sometimes, someone in our lives has pushed us too far or brought us down. We are here to live a happy life, learn as much as possible, and enjoy every moment of it. This is done by doing our best and helping others to do their best. We meet people we might not want in our lives but we can learn something about ourselves from them all. Nobody meets people by chance. We meet people who have had such a positive impact on our lives that we are unsure where we would be without them. They will love this quote.

5. “Taking care of yourself will make you stronger for all those around you… even you!”

Kelly Rudolph

Women are taught to prioritize the needs of others and take care of themselves first. It would be fine if there was more time, but it isn’t. And until we plan it, there might never be. There is no need to feel guilty about taking “Me Time”. In case of emergency, flight attendants tell us to first put on our own oxygen mask before we help others. If we aren’t there, we can’t help others. Sometimes we even die taking care of ourselves. A bonus quote on self-care: “The ability to allow yourself to take a rest is a sign that you are self-respectful.”

6. Negative people need drama like oxygen. Keep positive and let them take their breath away.


You know what it feels like to be positive if you surround yourself with people who aren’t. You feel anxious, cranky, and down. Negative people love drama. Because they want to get attention, they will tell you about their problems and not care if you solve them. They will create another problem if neither of you can solve the problem. People who are fueled by drama and negativity are more insecure than those who are happy. They are afraid of being judged and seek company. Instead of being dragged down, try to keep your positive attitude and let them know that you are not going to give up. It’s a game, so make it enjoyable.

7. “Laugh at yourself. It improves your attitude and facial muscles.

Kelly Rudolph

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Life is a big, joyful adventure. Learn from your mistakes and laugh. If that quote doesn’t make you smile, it’s too serious. Have a good time with your face and attitude, and then get on with your day.

8. “Remember that you are more brave than you think, stronger than your appearance, smarter than what you think, and twice as beautiful than you ever imagined.”

– Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss is brilliant! This inspiring quote is so motivating that it makes me smile and then cry. It’s because it reminds me of the importance and power of the word “uplifting”. Imagine knowing that you are strong, intelligent, brave, and beautiful every single day. Isn’t it amazing?

9. It’s your life. You should be focusing on your strengths and not just the weaknesses of others.

Kelly Rudolph

Empowering others by taking care of them is often the result. What are your strengths? Do you do that in your own life? You should be holding those in your life accountable for what they do. You can empower them instead of allowing them to be weaker by allowing them to accept some responsibility. You must understand that guilt can only make you weaker or make you more guilty. Learn from your mistakes and forgive yourself.

10. “May you see the sun where others see shadows and see opportunities where others see barriers.”


While many people will see only obstacles and shadows along the way, there are always opportunities and sunshine.


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