What are the Top Services and Amenities in RUDN Enclave?

In the twin city, no one can deny the importance of the best housing society, Rudn Enclave. It is the best residential housing society developed to international standards. The developers of this housing society are RMRSCO and NESPAK. The developers are aiming to build a society that meets not only the needs of the residents but also the needs of international tourists. 

We have discussed all the basic information regarding this housing society. So, in this article, we will discuss the services and amenities investors can get in this housing society. Let’s move towards them.

RUDN Enclave Services and Amenities

When it comes to the Rudn Enclave Facilities, they are abundant. Some basic facilities you can easily find in any housing society. But if you can get them in any society, why do you need to invest in Rudn Enclave? What makes this society worth investing in? The answer to these questions is that the facilities and amenities in this housing scheme are based on international standards. There are a few features that you cannot find anywhere else.

The Rudn Enclave Location is in the vicinity of two dams which are the Jawa and Khasala dams. This is the best feature of this residential housing project that offers you the opportunity to live near nature. The development of these two dams around the city enables someone to enjoy the beauty of nature. Imagine opening your eyes and witnessing the beauty of blue water in your surroundings. Isn’t it amazing? Can you get these features in any other housing society?

Let’s discuss more facilities and amenities present in this housing society.

Education Facilities

The availability of basic education is the right of every individual. But if you have your educational institute near your residence, it’s a plus point. You can easily go to your institute without any hassle. So, the great thing about the Rudn Enclave is that its master plan includes the development of schools, colleges, and university campuses. The best schools and colleges will have highly qualified teachers to provide the students with essential education. It means that your child’s future is in the safe hands if they will study in those educational institutes.

Theme Parks

After education, the other thing that matters for you and your family is entertainment. So, all attractive and luxurious facilities are part of the Rudn Enclave. The housing scheme provides all the entertainment facilities within limits. The developers are deciding to open various theme parks in society that will benefit not only the residents but also others in society.

Rudn Enclave Health Facilities

The availability of basic education and access to better health facilities is also very important for people to live healthy lives. People prefer to invest somewhere they can get better health facilities. So, Rudn Enclave Developers focus on the supply of ideal hospitalization facilities. Expert doctors and ideal emergency care services will be essential to this housing society.

Quality Drainage System

In the Rudn Enclave, a modern world drainage system will be built. A healthy lifestyle is every individual’s right, and the Rudn Enclave developers understand it. They know the importance of drainage and sewerage systems. Therefore, a state-of-the-art drainage system will be installed in the society. So, it is another best feature you cannot find in all residential housing societies in the twin city.

Gyms and Mosques

If you are fitness conscious, it is good news for you that the Rudn Enclave developers will establish a proper gymnasium center in the society to help you stay fit and healthy. With the establishment of gyms in the housing society, you will be able to enjoy a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In gyms, there will be professional trainers that will help you achieve your fitness goal with the use of modern fitness equipment.

The Rudn Enclave Master Plan also included the development of mosques in every block of the housing society. The masjids will be built with some traditional Islamic architecture and high cathedrals. So, society residents can easily perform their religious duties without any hassle.

Electricity Supply

Another great facility that the housing society will provide is the availability of electricity for 24 hours without any load shedding. There will be no sticks, and electric cables will hang around the city. The whole electricity system will be underground so that the residents can enjoy the best electricity supply. In addition, the residents can enjoy the best underground internet, telephone, and other essential supplies in Blue World City Islamabad.

Community Center and Road Infrastructure

RUDN Enclave management plans to establish a sense of a single culture among its citizens. There will be a club and community center for the residents of this society in line with the tradition and values carried on in many other housing schemes across Pakistan.

Moreover, there will be a well-organized road network. The network of roads in this housing project would be flawless. In addition, due to the wide roads and the low traffic in the society and on the roads around the society, you can easily move to the location you want.


In the article, we have tried to cover all the facilities and amenities available in the Rudn Enclave. These facilities are being developed to international standards by using high-end state-of-the-art technologies. The aim is to provide the right to investors that they deserve at affordable prices. Many other housing projects are working on the same principle of boosting tourism in the country. Among such housing societies, you can consider Citi Housing Kharian, which is famous as a city within a city.

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