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What Is the Cause of White Hair? (what Is the Cause of White Hair?)

When new cells are produced and old cells are pushed out of the hair follicle, hair growth occurs.
It goes through three phases: anagen (growth), catagen (termination), and telogen (rest).
Your hair reaches the end of its lifespan during the period of rest, falls out, and is replaced by a new strand. Melanin, which is created by melanocytes, gives hair its color. The pigmentation of hair varies from that of the skin.

  1. In the anagen phase, pigmentation of the hair is active. In the catagen phase, pigmentation is diminished, and in the telogen phase, it is absent. As we age, fewer pigments are infused into each hair strand, which is why our hair eventually turns gray and white. Learn about the causes of white hair and how to prevent it in the section below.

The Following Are the Causes of White Hair::

1. Jean

Dr. “Genes are the main determinant of when your hair starts to lose pigment,” It may occur for some people even before they become 20. Others see a late emergence of the first white types.


2. Lack of melanin

The main factor for hair to gray is typically a deficiency of pigment. Protein supplements and a healthy diet are necessary for the formation of melanin. Lack of these nutrients results in melanin levels that are too low.

3. Hormones

According to research, hormonal imbalances can cause or hasten the premature graying of hair. Please see a doctor if you notice that your hair is turning increasingly white and are unsure whether you have a hormonal imbalance.


4. Smoking

According to studies, smoking is one of the main causes of hair that grays too soon. Smoking damages melanocytes in hair follicles, resulting in premature white hair.

5. Lack of vitamins and minerals

White hair follicles can also result from a deficiency in selenium, vitamin B12, folate, vitamin D, iron, or vitamin D. It was discovered that people with premature hair graying had low levels of biotin and vitamin B12 deficiencies.

6. Stress

Here, emotional stress also has an impact. According to studies, the psychological stress-related oxidative load might hasten the graying of hair. Stress can result in early hair loss as well.

7. Chemistry

The usage of chemical-based shampoos, soaps, hair colors, etc. can frequently directly contribute to this issue. It can, however, also be brought on by specific allergic illnesses.


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