Very Short Moral Stories In English For Kids

Very Short Moral Stories. Stories are the most ideal ways to show moral schooling for kids and grown-ups. You can show short Moral stories with moral qualities in a very short time.

On this story page, very short Moral stories in English with morals are given with pictures and These 10 Lines/5 Lines short Moral stories with morals are best portrayed in the shortest form. Very short moral stories for kids in hindi are given underneath.

Short Moral stories in English with moral qualities can give you extraordinary inspiration. We have an assortment of good moral stories that can likewise be useful for understudies from center/secondary school. 

1. The Lion and the Rabbit

When there was a Lion in the wilderness who used to kill 2-3 animals day to day for his dinner. All animals went to him to tell, him that every day one of them will come to him for his feast. Thus, the Lion concurred and this began going on for some days. At some point, it was Rabbit’s move. At the point when he was on his way he saw a well. Presently he intends to kill the lion and save himself. He went to the lion and that’s what let him know, there is another lion who professes to be more impressive than him. Then the lion requests that the rabbit take him to that lion. The rabbit takes him to the well and said he lives here. At point when the lion searched in the well, he saw his own appearance and hopped in the well and bites the dust.

Short Moral stories – Moral of the Story: Wisdom wins might.

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2. The Hunter and the Pigeons

One day a hunter sets a net to get birds and puts grains and rice over the net. After some time a group of pigeons stops by and begin eating grains and get found out in the net. After some time they began losing trust, then their chief requested that they fly together up in the sky. They got in line and diverted the net. The hunter pursues them yet they took off to their companion’s mouse opening. Then the mouse cuts the net and liberated the pigeons.

Short Moral stories – Moral of the Story: Unity is strength.

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3. Two friends and the Bear

When there were two friends who were crossing the wilderness. After some time they saw a bear coming toward them. Then, one of the friends immediately climbed a close-by tree and the other one didn’t have the foggiest idea of how to climb the tree. So he sets all the way down holding his breath. The bear arrives close to him and sniffs him in the ear. After some time bear left the spot, it is dead to think of the man. Presently the other companion descends and asked his companion, what did bear share with him in his ear? He answered,” to be protected from the phony friends.”

Short Moral stories – Moral of the Story: Beware of fake friends.

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4. The Crow and the Peacock – Who is Happy?

When there was a crow who wishes to be bright and lovely like other birds. He then went to the parrot and shared his considerations. Yet, the parrot said the peacock is the most lovely bird so converse with him. Then the crow went to the peacock and informed him about his looks. Then the peacock answered,” You are the most fortunate bird that has been never confined throughout everyday life and we in light of our excellence stay confined, and you are in every case free.” In the wake of listening to this, crow understood his mistake and said thanks to God for making him like this and he took off cheerfully.

Short Moral stories – Moral of the Story: Never compare yourself to others. Be happy with what you have and what you are.

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