Top 5 Cheap Custom Essay Ghostwriters Services For University

One of the most popular trends in the modern writing world is ghostwriting. From authors of stories, newsletters, academic papers, or custom essays, ghostwriters are rising in demand and professionalism worldwide. But unfortunately, many students are in severe doldrums with their essay writing assignments. As a result, they incessantly search for cheap custom essay ghostwriters services for their university projects. In this blog, we have collected your university’s top 5 custom essay ghostwriting services. Let’s check them out.


MyAssignmentHelp is unarguably the best assignment writing service Australia on the internet. It caters to a plethora of variety for different clients and academic needs. The writing team specializes in serving some of the most vital write-ups, which are entirely focused and dedicated to a single set of writing requirements. MyAssignmentHelp is considered one of the leading ghostwriting companies in the world due to its experience and long-time supremacy in the writing industry. As a result, they understand the nitty gritty details of ghostwriting more than anyone else.

2. Orange Publishers

Orange publishers are one of the oldest websites that provide the best assignment help in Sydney worldwide. It has been a leading name in the ghostwriting industry for 30 years. It has different categories of ghostwrites based on specific countries. It has many feathers in the crown, especially for excellent academic writing service. So, if you want the best ghostwriting service from the industry’s most experienced veterans, then Orange Publishers is the best option for you. Some of the particular categories of their services are

  • Storybook
  • Novel writing
  • Autobiographical writing’

Orange Publishers has a lineup of cheap custom essay ghostwriters to stay in touch with the original author throughout the project.

3. Ghostwriter

Ghostwriter is a South Asian company that constantly works with the top-notch professionals of top CEOs, directors, and university professors. It has a separate vertical to cater to the needs and requirements of university custom essays. It helps its customers with the best possible custom essays on the planet. Other services besides custom essays are blogs, magazines, novels, books, etc. It has two separate wings for fiction and non-fiction writing. Their contents are thoroughly researched and precise.

4. Vox ghostwriting

Vox is a renowned US company that has its ghostwriting unit fully functioning across the US and the world. They have an umbrella of writers that spans worldwide. The website closely follows market trends and formulates its writing accordingly. They operate as a single unit in catering composition, proofreading, editing, and all the other aspects of academic and non-academic writing. They also have a marketing wing that helps find the best support and promotion for your essay content. The company has affirmation for more than 400 renowned authors globally with a vast canvas of editors and writers who are more than 2.5k in number.

5. Book Writing

Book Writing is your best option if your essay is a shorter part of a more significant book. This website is also based in the US and has offered book writing and custom essay ghostwriting for more than a decade. The company is also a renowned book publishing house and completed many projects, including books, news articles, journals, and custom essays, earning it a spot in the top 10 ghostwriting companies in the world. They offer you some of the most sought-after professionals in ghostwriting, providing writing and publishing services under the same umbrella. They keep updating their clients over calls. Unlimited revision, immaculate editing, and extensive research remained their forte since inception.

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