Some excellent nonlinear crystals

Nonlinear crystal is a crystal that shows the nonlinear optical effect more than twice for the laser electric field. Nonlinear optical crystal is a kind of practical material in which the frequency-doubling (or “frequency conversion”)

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crystal can be used to transform the laser wavelength, so regarding expanding the tunable series of the laser, which has crucial application worth in the field of modern laser technology.

There are numerous different types of nonlinear crystals, LiNbO3– LN, LiTaO3– LT, KH2PO4– KDP, KD2PO4– DKDP, LiIO3– LI, KTiOPO4– KTP, BaB2O4– BBO, LiB3O5– LBO, KNbO3– KN, CSB3O5– CBO, LiCSB6O10– CLBO, KBe2BO3F2– KBBF, AgGaS2– AGS, AgGaSe2– AGSe, CDGEAS-CGA, cadmium selenide CdSe, Gallium selenide GaSe, ZnGEP2-ZGP are widely utilized in laser regularity doubling, sum regularity, distinction regularity, optical parametric amplification, electro-optic modulation, electro-optic deflection, and so on.

Nonlinear crystal

For nonlinear optical crystals, in addition to having huge reliable nonlinear coefficients, the following properties are also required:

  • 1. Generally, the crystal must have high openness for the wavelength entailed;
  • 2, the internal absorption should be low, and the anti-damage threshold must be high;
  • 3. Stable physical and chemical buildings, moderate solidity, no deliquescence;
  • 4. Stable crystal top quality, large size, reasonable rate, simple covering.

Below are some examples of typical nonlinear optical crystals

BBO nonlinear crystal

BBO Nonlinear Crystals - Crylink

BBO crystal is acknowledged as one of the planet’s most superb second-order nonlinear optical crystals. Among its amazing qualities is its large frequency inflection array. Much more significantly, by using its frequency down-conversion procedure, BBO crystal can be made right into a continuously tunable, completely cured tuned laser with a wavelength from noticeable to near-infrared.

Barium borate (BBO) has large birefringence, low dispersion, high damage limit, large stage matching variety, excellent temperature level security, large nonlinear optical result, and the frequency doubling coefficient is 6 times that of KDP crystal. It has a very wide variety of pervious to light, low absorption coefficient, the weaker the piezoelectric ringing effect, about other crystal electro-optic modulation, has higher termination proportion, the bigger stage in a sustaining function, high optical damage limit, the temperature of the broadband matching, and also excellent optical homogeneity and to improve the laser outcome power security, Specifically for the triple frequency Nd: YAG laser has a variety of applications.

LBO nonlinear crystal

Lithium trisborate, or LBO, is a superb high-power UV frequency-doubling crystal with a large transmittance band, high damage threshold, and a big acceptance Angle. Lithium trisborate (LiB3O5, or LBO) crystal is frequently used in the center and high power 1064nm dual and triple frequency lasers.

It has a high light damage resistance limit, excellent light uniformity, vast receiving Angle, excellent mechanical properties, strong thermal shock resistance, microduplication, and a big nonlinear coefficient. It is one of the nonlinear crystals with exceptional detailed residential properties. The greatest advantage of LBO is that it can adjust temperature levels to accomplish non-critical stage matching (NCPM). When the regularity-increasing process pleases the non-critical stage matching relation, the separation Angle between the basic frequency and the second harmonic of the regularity increasing is 0. At this time, the reliable size of the LBO crystal can in theory, reach infinity, which can make up for its small nonlinear coefficient. Because of its large damage limit, this means that high-power essential wave pumping can be achieved.

MgO: LiNbO3

Compared to LiNbO3 crystal, MgO: LiNbO3 crystal has distinct advantages in applying NCPM frequency increasing, mixing, and optical parametric oscillation in ND-doped lasers.
The anti-damage limit of doped MgO: LiNbO3 crystal is more than two times greater than that of pure LiNbO3 crystal.

Main features:

  • Large Acousto-Optic (A-O) coefficients
  • Large Electro-Optic (E-O) coefficients

Typical Applications:

  • Q-switches and modulator
  • Optical parametric oscillators (OPO)
  • Frequency doublers
  • Quasi-phase-matched (QPM) device


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