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List of The Best Portable E-Rigs of 2023

Are you tired of the complex dabbing setups? If yes, then you would want to find the best portable e-rigs of 2023 for yourself. Although it is easy to carry, you might want to know other reasons to purchase an e-rig. It is user-friendly and best for people who are not happy spending a lot of money on the dabbing setup. You will not have to carry any nails, accessories, or anything. It is an all-in-one system, so you would just require a dabber and your preferred hash.

So, when choosing e-rigs you must also know how it functions. The e-rigs function through an electric source and heat the chamber. So, using a dab rig or oil rig is equally good. However, if you want to know about the vaporizing experience, you will be amazed to know that more than 60% of attendants claimed that vaping and smoking experiences were equally good.

So, why would you choose to vape over smoking? Some studies show that it is less harmful than smoking. Also, 78% of the survey respondents declared that they felt a general improvement in their security after they switched from smoking to vaping.

So, now that you are convinced about vaping, you might want to know about the Portable Dab Rigs: What’s the Best Solution?

Which are the Best Portable E-Rigs of 2023?

Focus V Carta 2

If you are interested in purchasing the Focus V Carta 2, you must know that it is a remarkable e-rig. It is ideal for you if you wish to enjoy an enhanced vaporizing experience. The best thing about focus V Carta 2 is that you can fully customize and regulate it using your mobile, as it has a full-functioning app. The mobile app allows you to set meeting times, and precise temperatures of up to 450°C.

This smart and revolutionary Focus V features a larger atomizer with a 360° heating system and augmented airflow. Moreover, you will find an OLED screen display that shows everything you need to have knowledge about in the present time. Else, the radical mobile app allows you complete control with a flawless response time and extraordinary aesthetics that is much easier to circumnavigate. The bespoke light show sources new life to the CARTA 2 with accessible RGB LEDs blinking, pulsating, and blooming at your impulse. OTA technology lets you download and operate the newest software updates or even allow new customizations to your new CARTA 2.

Shenzhen Crossing Core 2.1

Another option you can consider when purchasing an e-rig is the Shenzhen Crossing Core 2.1. It is a stellar update of the OG Core and offers ground-breaking features for you to enjoy. When using it, you can enjoy the new re-buildable atomizer that vanishes the need for extra tools and braces the Core 2.1 that is operating at its best capacity. The conduction-based unit is manufactured with premium materials such as ceramic, aluminum, and borosilicate glass.

Puffco Peak Pro

The next incredible e-rig is the Puffco Peak Pro, which is an upgraded version of the OG Puffco Peak. It is a very smart e-rig that operated without a coil and is known to have a hybrid heating style that heats all through the heating chamber. The e-rig is controlled by an app, that will allow you to adapt and save heating profiles, and alter temperature, time, and LED lights.

Dr. Dabber Switch

If you are looking for an eye-catching vaporizer, then Dr. Dabber Switch is the best option. You will love its induction heating style that features magnets. Hence, it is a very unique and pleasurable e-rig. You can also enjoy its other unique features including a self-cleaning mode that is ideal to clean any impurities and is highly simple to use. This nice and versatile device is the best dab pen for you.

Boost EVO

If you want to explore more options, then you must have a look at Boost EVO. It is also a great choice if you are looking for an adaptable e-rig. It can reach temperatures of up to 750° Fahrenheit and will amaze you with massive clouds. Also, it will allow you to set your Boost EVO on the opposite side, as it will help you get a nice quality vapor that will be full of flavor. Unluckily, it does not get less than 500°F, so if you are looking for a lower temperature, then it’s not very ideal.

Pulsar Rok

Pulsar RoK is an electronic rig that features a similar design to a rig. If you want to go for Pulsar RoK, then you must know that it includes a bubbler and coil-free heating component. Moreover, you would love it as it is decent and convenient to use (with just one button). You can use the button to set the temperature and mode. It is also a conduction-based unit that gives remarkable results and is best for beginners.

G Pen Roam

If you want to know about another popular e-rig, then you must explore G Pen Roam. It is a premium quality e-rig that has all the best features of a portable one. You would love the overall construction, and its portability will keep you happy always.

G-Pen Connect

If you are looking for a truly customizable e-rig, the G-Pen is a great option. The G-Pen Connect comprises a 14mm adapter that will let you fix your glass piece and avoid the conventional torch system. So, you can enjoy it to the fullest. Another great feature is the 3-voltage setting that operates the device, however, you won’t find it amazing.

XMax Qomo

If you are looking for an average or low-price e-rig, then XMAX Qomo is an option. Though it’s portable, unfortunately, it does not match the standard of others in the market. However, portable e-rigs are designed to have slightly less power, however, XMAX Qomo is powered by a 1350 mAh battery.

Lookah Unicorn

If you are a crazy smoker, then Lookah Unicorn is for you. The reason is that it features one of the best atomizers of all the e-rig varieties in the market. So, you can enjoy perfect uniform heat and fat dabs. Moreover, the innovative design also features a straw that allows you to focus on the distillate and all flavors that fuse via the narrow vapor passage. Hence, you can enjoy the enhanced flavor. However, the battery life is not optimum. So, if you are a specialist and want to enjoy the e-rig throughout, the unicorn is your thing.


VLAB Halo is also one of the best e-rig varieties available in the market. You would love it for the best airflow and performance. Moreover, if you are a frequent traveler, VLAB Halo batteries will never disappoint you. Its batteries are designed through revolutionary atomizers that would last for a long period. If you choose this, you will become a fan of the tactual feedback, sesh mode, and earthenware and quartz bucket insertions. However, temperature settings are pre-set, which might not be as accurate as stated. So, you might have to compromise on this.

So, if you love vaping, the above details can guide you on which is the best e-cigarette for you.

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