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Job Opportunity! NYC begins exams to work as a lifeguard in the summer

These qualifying exams will take place from January 31 to February 19. Applicants must be at least 16 years old at the start of employment and register online to take the test.

Although the 2022 summer season is still several months away, New York City has already begun testing for the lifeguard program, the city’s Parks Department announced.

These qualifying exams will take place from January 31 to February 19. Applicants must be at least 16 years old at the start of employment and register online to take the test.

Testing locations are available in The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.

What are the requirements to pass the test?

All prospective lifeguards must pass the lifeguard qualification test, a series of vision and swimming tests. To qualify, they must:

Be at least 16 years of age at the start of employment.

Have at least 20/30 vision in one eye and 20/40 in the other, without corrective lenses. Glasses and contact lenses may not be worn during the eye exam.

Being able to swim 50 yards in 35 seconds or less, with proper form.

People must be vaccinated to take the qualifying test. All candidates are assessed by the Parks Lifeguard Training Online  School to ensure they meet the highest standards.

How much would you earn and what would the work hours be?

Lifeguards work five to six days a week, and first-year lifeguards earn a minimum of $16 per hour, for a weekly wage of about $800.

The parks’ beaches open Memorial Day weekend and the pools open at the end of June; both close on the Sunday after Labor Day.

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What skills do I gain?

Once you pass the qualifying test, start training to become a New York City lifeguard. Here, you’ll develop swimming skills, learn lifesaving techniques, and receive certification to become a New York City lifeguard.

  • Develop job skills.
  • Being part of a team.
  • Get certified.
  • Earn a NYC Parks lifeguard certification and learn CPR, first aid and rescue techniques.
  • Practice swimming.

Where can I register to take the test?

To register and take the test visit this website. Here you will find the dates and places where you can take the exam as well as other information.

Lifeguard Training Online is a rewarding and challenging job that requires split-second decision making and develops valuable skills that can last a lifetime,” the New York City Parks Department wrote in a news release. “NYC Parks is looking for New Yorkers who have the physical and mental discipline to make our summer 2022 team.”

The course will be developed in TWO PHASES (6 DAYS), in 24 effective teaching hours. The First Phase (Saturday – Morning and Afternoon), 8 hrs. correspond to Theoretical Classes of First Aid, Basic Life Support and Immobilization and Trauma Protocol.

In the Second Phase, the 16 hrs. will take place. remaining, corresponding to classes of Theoretical-Technical-Practical type, Swimming Applied to Rescue and Rescue, Rescue Protocols for Passive, Unconscious, Rebel Victims and Tired Swimmer; Rescues with Support Devices (such as Rescue Fins, Rescue Tube, Life Ropes, Use of Poles, Immobilization and Water Trauma, among others).

We also provide guidance and advice for students who have the appropriate skills to take the Open Water Lifeguard Training Online course and be able to take the Lifeguard exams for Beaches and Lakes (Level II Water Rescue Operator), License granted only by the Chilean Navy. You will also receive digital technical support files with complementary information, with unique material of its kind developed by our school.

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