How to Half Swipe on Snapchat?

Sometimes you do not want to open someone’s message on a social media platform but you also want to see the message without telling the other person. In this article, we will see how to see a message on Snapchat without opening up the chat of a person. The trick is to half-swipe Snapchat of a particular person’s message that you want to see. Let’s begin… 

Things You Should Know 

Before starting this article here are some things mentioned that you should know. 

  1. You can half-swipe a Snapchat message to read it without alerting the sender.
  2. Only messages can be viewed using half-swiping, not Snaps. 
  3. Half-swiping is still possible on Snapchat at the moment, but it might be removed in a future update.

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What Do You Mean by Half-Swipe? 

Half-swipe is a feature on Snapchat where you can see a person’s message without letting him know. This feature is very useful because sometimes when we do not want to reply to someone’s message at a particular time but also want to see the message. Then here comes this feature to help you. By doing the Snapchat half-swipe

you can easily read the message and it will not be known by the other person that you have seen the message. 

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How to Use the Half-Swipe Feature? 

Follow the below steps to know how to use this feature on your device. 

  1. Start using Snapchat 
  2. Try not to tap on any message notice in your notification alert section 
  3. Go to the Chat section on your device 
  4. The messages you have not read yet will be there on your screen as ‘New chat’
  5. Select which message you want to see
  6. Place your finger on the bitmoji or icon of the sender 
  7. Make sure to do it with gentle 
  8. Never click or let go of your finger from the icon 
  9. Gradually and slowly swipe to the right side 
  10. Now, you can finally read the message 
  11. Do not lift your finger while doing the above steps to half-swipe otherwise you will open the message 
  12. Swipe back to the left when you are finished reading 

Is this Feature Used by Every Snapchat User? 

As long as Snapchat does not remove this feature from its app every Snapchat user can use it and can read messages secretly. This feature can be used by both users. Android and Apple users. But the moment this feature is removed from Snapchat no one can use it. 

Winding Up 

Now, you have the answer ‘can someone see if you half-swipe on Snapchat’. I hope you have understood the steps mentioned above. If you follow them one by one and do not rush while doing it then you will be able to use this feature. Share this post with your best friend and also let him/her know about it. Stay tuned to our page to read more such material like this and thank you from our team that our readers appreciate the efforts that we put in to bring such manuals in front of you.

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