How to clean graffiti?

How to clean graffiti?  Today, many people want to express themselves and draw on the walls of Paris. But these degradations damage the coatings and facades of shops, houses, buildings, or businesses. Not aesthetic and degrading for your business, it is completely normal to wish to have graffiti removed. Whether you are an individual or a professional, our cleaning company SCS Group Integrated Services offers you its anti-graffiti façade cleaning services. Often difficult and sometimes impossible, there are different ways to clean up graffiti. The quickest is obviously to contact a cleaning agency in Melbourne to carry out cleaning work in the removal of graffiti.

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 Different methods for cleaning graffiti


The first tip for cleaning a tag is to dab the graffiti with a cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol. This cleaner will allow you to gradually clean the paint and remove it with a sponge. You must perform this operation several times.

Second tip: use hot water and soda crystals. Using a strong brush clean with these two cleaners to strip the paint.

If after all these tips, the graffiti still appears a little, you can finish with a coat of paint over it. Be careful, make sure you have cleaned it beforehand, otherwise, you will see it transparent to the paint.

 Hire a professional to clean the tag

 Indeed, what could be simpler than calling on a professional expert for the cleaning tag and graffiti? At SCS Group Integrated Services, we offer our services for removing tags from walls. We operate in Melbourne and the entire Australian region to the delight of our customers. If you, therefore, want a job well done, carried out by a specialist, contact SCS Group Integrated Services. Our teams intervene quickly and are at your entire disposal to offer you a detailed and complete estimate.

With SCS Group Integrated Services, ensure a tailor-made quality service. Fill out our contact form to request a free, tailor-made quote.

 How does the tag and graffiti cleaning service work?

 Have you contacted our professional cleaning services? A team will answer you as soon as possible to define with you the needs of the mission. Indeed, we find you the solution best suited to your needs. We, therefore, ask you how much the area to be cleaned, the surface, the material of the wall, and floor, and how long has the graffiti been made. Based on this information, a team intervenes quickly to act and clean up the graffiti.

Our experienced and rigorous maintenance agents, therefore, use a high-pressure cleaner and an anti-tag product to carry out the task. Like stripping, our cleaning products get to the end of all surfaces.

For industrial cleaning, office cleaning, building or condominium cleaning, call a professional! In addition, SCS Group Integrated Services offers its services for carpet cleaning, end-of-site cleaning, after the disaster, after-work, window cleaning, maintenance of premises, and so forth.


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