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Elation EMR Vs. CharmHealth – A complete comparison

Are you looking for an EHR? Remember that features are always of the utmost importance while selecting an EHR. Elation EMR and Charmhealth are two healthcare systems that are now being closely compared. Do you want a detailed feature comparison of Charm Health EHR and Elation EHR? You can stop reading because this is all you need to know.  

Elation EMR Vs. CharmHealth- an overview 

Elation Health is a clinically focused cloud-based electronic health record system for physicians seeking an ONC-ATCB certified EMR and patient scheduling, a patient portal, e-prescribing, and e-faxing. The solution is accessible via a web browser on either a Mac or a PC. Elation Health is ideal for providers focusing on small-group primary care practices and providing longitudinal care.  

CharmHealth EHR Software is a cloud-based Digital Health Record, Practice Management, and Medical Billing system with no upfront charges. The software subscription is based on the number of encounters made each month rather than on the number of providers. Because of its cost structure, it is ideal for new practices or startups. Charm EHR Software is designed specifically for internal medicine, obstetrics, dentistry, family practice, pediatrics, and integrative medicine. They also provide practices and hospitals with a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based telemedicine system.  

With CharmHealth “Connect,” a built-in internal communication system for hospitals and clinics, you may form specialist groups to discuss patient care, network with colleagues, or exchange information within the firm. CharmHealth is an MU-certified, cloud-based EHR, Practice Management, and Physician Billing solution that assists healthcare companies, from large multi-specialty groups to small independent medical practices operating smoothly. The UI is created with basic, easily identifiable icons that improve workflow productivity.  

Elation EMR Vs. CharmHealth- feature review

Elation Health features  

  • Appointment Scheduling: This information can be sent to patients and doctors via an automatic reminder system, keeping them from missing their planned medical visits. In addition, sending personalized reminder emails to guests can help them arrive on time. Using a custom control panel, you may manage appointments that have been forgotten, postponed, canceled, or become urgent due to unforeseen circumstances.  
  • Security: Enable security mechanisms such as passwords, PIN codes, three-step verification, and dual authentication to prevent unauthorized access to critical information. For example, encrypting records reduces the likelihood of theft, data tampering, and loss. As a result, only authorized users will have immediate access.  
  • Patient Portal: An interactive patient portal provides patient and clinician features. You can utilize the website to send patients their account statements, advise them of the results of their lab tests, and send them automated appointment reminders. According to Elation EHR reviews, patients can book visits anytime, check discharge reports, request refills, and speak with you directly. They can also utilize the ProCheckIn feature to complete paperwork and other papers ahead of time, saving time. Patients can also add photos and X-rays to their profiles.  

Charmhealth EHR features

  • Integrated Practice Management System: Charmhealth EHR distinguishes itself from its competitors by providing an excellent practice management feature. It allows for everything from appointment scheduling to giving staff employees access to data based on their duties. In addition, it attempts to improve medical practice workflow by simplifying administrative duties such as inventory planning and reporting. The provider touts its practice management capabilities to enhance employee productivity.  
  • Client Engagement Management: It can be tough to involve patients in their care, but not with this adaptable platform. CharmHealth EHR reviews emphasize how well it connects with patients via a secure patient portal. Patients can use this mobile, cloud-based interface to fill out intake paperwork, reducing wait time. Furthermore, accessing medical records from any location encourages them to engage in the care and treatment process.  
  • Charm Connection: CharmConnect, the HIPAA-compliant communication platform, is available to all healthcare organizations. The integrated instant messaging portal allows for high security. In addition, it enables personnel to easily access patient records, which can also be used to initiate dialogues. Improved care coordination is the outcome of effective communication routes. It is also possible to manage patient talks by searching historical records.  

Elation EMR Vs. CharmHealth price comparison  

Elation EMR has a monthly fee of $275.00. There was no trial or free version. Charm EMR starts at $1,000 and costs $0.30 for each subsequent consultation. For example, if you do 2500 consultations monthly, your total cost would be $1150.  

Elation EMR Pros and Cons


  • Simple to use and comprehensive. Always dependable. Service has been disrupted only on a few occasions.  
  • Simple to use. There is no additional training required.  
  • The advantage of Elation software is that it is simple to use. But, unfortunately, it appears to be designed for a doctor.  


  • It is difficult to send records because more than 20 pages cannot be faxed.  
  • The smartphone application. That’s not good. It needs more functionality to be truly useful.  

CharmHealth Pros and cons  


  • Simple and straightforward to train new employees on. It efficiently handles scheduling, notes, insurance, and payments, and it also has the potential to extract analytics from software.  
  • Excellent tiny all-around software that gives everything a small business requires. Viewing a patient’s financials from within the chart is fantastic, in addition to their previous commitments. You can also copy phrases or full notes from previous notes. E-scripts are simple. However, they do not provide notifications. Scheduling is beneficial. Additionally, patients can make appointments using your website.  


  • Charting can be time-consuming. Our biggest complaint is that the billing needs to be stronger.  
  • When paying many invoices at once, applying payments is slower than creating and applying payments to a single invoice, which is automatic and efficient.  

Elation EMR vs. Charm EHR – Final Words!

Which of the two electronic medical record systems, Elation EHR or Charm EMR, is superior? Because there are so many possibilities, deciding on the finest medical software for your organization can take time and effort.  

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Elation Health, a cloud-based, clinically oriented electronic health record system, is ONC-ATCB accredited. It has client scheduling, e-prescribing, and e-faxing capabilities. The solution is accessible via both Mac and PC web browsers. The Centricity electronic medical records (EMRs) system from GE Healthcare will be deployed in large metropolitan hospitals.

CharmHealth EMR provides numerous features for medical practitioners, including practice management, integrated patient intake forms, and telemedicine. It also provides billing, eligibility checks, and e-prescription features. Charm EHR is suitable for many offices because it provides unrestricted access and a free subscription. Requesting a demo is the best approach to learning more about it. The first step is to review the software demo and determine whether it fulfills your requirements.  

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