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Does Damp Make You Ill?

If you’ve been exposed to damp in your rental property, you may be wondering whether damp is harmful to your health. There are several reasons why damp can be unhealthy, from exposure to microbial species and endotoxin to respiratory and allergy effects. The article below discusses some of these effects. You should take steps to protect yourself from exposure to damp, and to avoid becoming infected with damp-related diseases.

Exposure to microbial species

Exposure to microbial species in damp buildings has a variety of negative health effects, including increased sensitivity to respiratory symptoms and an increased risk of disease. This can be a result of both biological and chemical factors. As well as microbial growth on building materials, dampness can also increase a host of other substances, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Exposure to damp and mould-containing materials can be unhealthy for most people, but people with compromised immune systems may be especially susceptible. The airborne particles caused by mould can cause irritation to the lungs, nose, and throat. People with allergies may experience more intense reactions. In extreme cases, exposure to mould may result in fever.

Exposure to endotoxin

Exposure to endotoxin in moist environments can cause ill effects on the respiratory system and can be harmful to human health. Endotoxins are produced by dead bacteria. When people breathe in these toxins, they can develop allergies, asthma, and even become ill. They also aggravate autoimmune conditions and increase the risk of infection and other health problems. If your rental property has damp and mould issues then you need to claim compensation for damp and mould to calculate compensation use the housing disrepair compensation calculator which helps you a lot.

Effects on respiratory function

A growing body of evidence indicates that chronic exposure to indoor dampness is associated with increased respiratory symptoms and asthma exacerbations. Although the causal mechanisms are not well understood, dampness is associated with increased microbial exposure, which is thought to increase the risk of respiratory disease, especially asthma and allergies. In this study, we used a cross-sectional design to examine the relationship between dampness and microbial exposure.

This study involved a large number of European adults to determine if dampness was a cause of respiratory symptoms. The researchers evaluated the number of moulds and dampness in the participants’ homes and compared their results with controls. The authors concluded that the presence of mould and dampness in the home was associated with reduced lung function.

Researchers in Europe conducted an observational study involving seven hundred and forty-four adults in 13 countries. They found that exposure to mould odour and water damage increased the risk of developing new-onset asthma. This study also found that dampness had stronger effects on atopic individuals than on non-atopic.

Effects on Allergies

Exposure to dampness in homes has a number of adverse effects on people’s health. People who live in damp homes are more likely to have respiratory diseases like asthma and allergic rhinitis. Exposure to dampness in homes has also been linked to an increased risk of developing atopic dermatitis.

In 2010, the results of a study conducted in the Chinese city of Chongqing indicated a strong association between indoor air moisture and asthma exacerbation. The researchers also found a correlation between exposure to damp and upper respiratory tract symptoms such as cough, wheezing, and eczema. However, the specific agents responsible for the associations are unknown.

In addition to the association between home dampness and asthma, dampness has been associated with an increased risk of allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis. While this association was not robust, it did point to the importance of preventing indoor exposure to damp.

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