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Cerner EMR Software vs NextGen EHR Software: Practice Management Companions

Healthcare professionals can simplify their work with practice management software. Nextgen and Practice Fusion EMR systems have robust management capabilities. This article will explain the differences between NextGen Software and Cerner EMR to help you decide which one is best for you.

Cerner, a cloud-based EHR system that allows healthcare organizations to perform more efficiently and provide better care, is Cerner. It is suitable for both acute and ambulatory care and can cover many specialties. This EHR software can be used to manage and update patient records in real-time. You can access information from the consolidated database. Cerner offers imaging technology for different specialties. These include radiology, pain management and cardiology. It allows for more accurate diagnosis and therapy.

NextGen Healthcare software streamlines ambulatory clinic procedures. It facilitates financial management, clinical treatment, and public health. It has valuable features such as interoperability, analytics, and electronic health records (EHR). Mobile apps and financial services. The system includes ambulatory practice support and customized account care.

Cerner EMR Software Key Features

Financial Management

Cerner EMR simplifies financial administration and ensures a continuous revenue cycle. It gives you the tools you need to increase productivity and improve cost management. Its revenue management cycle solutions are beneficial to both ambulatory and acute care businesses. They save time, reduce administrative costs, track collection charges and help businesses make informed business decisions. They can also increase financial performance.

Patient Kiosk

Patients can use a self-service feature to check in and manage their appointments. Patients can access, amend and modify their demographic and insurance information as well as fill out registration forms. It encourages patients to keep signed documents in their electronic health records.

Sepsis Surveillance

In 2010, Cerner created the St. John Sepsis Surveillance Tool. It scans for patient data to alert doctors to patients at high risk of developing sepsis.

Health Analytics

Provides insight to improve clinical, financial and population health plans. It also assists in identifying long-term operational improvement opportunities.

Patients Portal

Patients have the ability to exchange messages, request refills, review clinical information and access evidence-based materials on more than 3,000 subjects via the Patient Portal.

Cerner EHR pricing

Cerner EMR’s costs will depend on the size of your practice. Practices of different sizes can receive a customized estimate before scaling Cerner. For a customized estimate, contact the Cerner sales team.

Cerner EMR Systems Demo

If you are interested in learning more about Cerner, you can book a live demonstration. This presentation will show you how the Cerner EMR system works in practice. For more information, contact Cerner support to schedule the demonstration.

Cerner EMR Review

Cerner EMR Evaluations show that it can manage practice management.

Users love Cerner’s ease-of-use and scalability.

Cerner offers specialty templates that enhance physician processes.

Customer service is the only problem with Cerner software.

NextGen EHR Software Key Features

Patient Information

Electronically record and store medical data. Cloud-based servers allow clinicians to access, create, and modify medical data from anywhere in the world.


Doctors have access to the PRISMA health search engine. It can be used by doctors to help them understand the symptoms of patients. It gathers data from specialists and primary care doctors. It also collects information from hospitals and urgent care centers.

Patient Portal

Patients can book appointments, pay their bills, and request refills through the Patient Portal. It is easier to communicate with doctors via messaging and video chat.

Physician Workflows

The physician workflow panel contains critical information like clinical activities, appointments, queues, and activity. They work together to make healthcare and clinical processes more accessible. It allows a clinic to offer value-based care to patients. The clinical tasks area allows users to create and resend assignments. They can also make adjustments. This area provides access to patient data, such as medication, allergies, diagnoses, and prescriptions.

Insurance Management

NextGen automates the process for determining patient eligibility. This helps to increase collections. This function helps you avoid uncollectible payments. It confirms insurance during appointment scheduling and patient registration. It is possible to avoid having to deal with patients with insufficient or incorrect coverage. You can avoid rejections and ineligibility by verifying insurance coverage prior to each patient visit.

Health Analytics

Comprehensive analytics such as population health and risk stratification help in diagnosing and recommending treatment.

NextGen EMR Pricing

NextGen EHR costs can be adjusted. To receive a customized quote for your clinic, you can send your information to NextGen EHR’s sales team.

NextGen EMR Demo

The NextGen EHR demo provides detailed information about the features and how they can be applied to your practice. The NextGen EHR demo will help you determine how compatible it is with your system, regardless of whether you have a small private practice or a large specialty practice.

NextGen EMR Reviews

TrustRadius rates NextGen software at 7.5/10.

Users testify to the system’s flexibility.

NextGen’s “user-friendly interface” is highly praised. “

Some people found NextGen difficult to use.

Final Remarks

Cerner EMR provides providers with all the information they need from one platform. It enhances care coordination and clinical effectiveness. The system’s reporting capabilities allow users to create custom reports. They can be used to measure performance and identify improvement opportunities.

NextGen PM (practice management) supports patient registration and scheduling. It ensures financial clearance and eligibility verification before any service is provided. It also supports A/R administration, collection, reporting, rules-based charges generation, claims to cleanse and processing.

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Based on these capabilities, users can decide which tool they want to invest in for Cerner EMR or NextGen EMR. If you are interested in learning more, you can schedule demos of these products.

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