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Not having a tablet leads to various problems in life. You are only deprived of learning the latest technologies but also lose certain life-changing opportunities. But we are aware because the devices are limited so you need to be quick. Then to a low-income family, you can get Assurance wireless tablet and all you need to do.  

Apart from this if you receive any kind of assistance from the government programs and launch, then it will be considered to be eligible for the program. If you fit this category then you have to submit proof of income. And you work for more than 40 hours a week.

Qualify for the assurance

To get a tablet you need to qualify for the eligibility levels for the tablet, for qualifying, gross family income must be less than 135% you will be given in the first preference if you get government support from multiple programs.

If you work more than 40 hours a week and still don’t cross the poverty line then there is a high chance that you get selected from it. The tablets are limited in number and dreamteampromos there are a high number of applicants that the person needs to be eligible. 

Eligibility criteria  

To understand more about eligibility, you can check the official website of   lowearnings.com. A website, you can understand more additional about it. With the application, you need to provide copies of the letter from the qualifying agent, ID card, Assurance wireless tablet income-based eligibility, and benefit statement of the current or the previous year.

Application status 

After the application you require to check the status of your application, you must enter your 6 to 10-number account application identification and your home zip code. It is found in your welcome letter, and you can check it when you forgot it.

Even a small error can lead to this qualification from your tablet so make confident that you feel everything perfectly. You may need to fill this in the information adequately. One family gets only one device and the benefits cannot be transferred.

Benefits of qualifying   

A particular amount of monthly data differs from state to state. In most states, you receive between 4.5 to 6 GB of free monthly data and unlimited monthly text messages are applicable in all of the states. And a new or refurbished android smartphone.

You can upgrade your smartphone to a new smartphone at an affordable price and you can add certain minutes of data that you can include. An overall excellent service without any activation fees and annual contracts.


The local numbers are not available at a particular time in certain markets and then the device can be easily returned within 7 days. Then they require an additional fee for the equipment change requests, you will receive only one lifeline advantage per family and it won’t be transferred back.


If you believe that it is limited to free tablets, then let more advantages that you can reap. They provide different programs like phone upgrades, phone programs, and phone swap programs for customers. This can verify to live well.

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